Victoria And David Beckham Quarreled With Neighbors
Victoria And David Beckham Quarreled With Neighbors
Video: Victoria And David Beckham Quarreled With Neighbors
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The Beckham family, almost in full force, with the exception of the eldest son Brooklyn (he was isolated with his beloved Nicola Peltz in New York), left London and settled in their country estate Cotswolds. Judging by the stories and posts on Instagram, solitude is fun: David and the kids cook together every day, Victoria trains online with fitness guru Tracy Anderson, and the fresh air and sunny weather are responsible for the excellent mood of the "isolated". However, the Beckhams' neighbors do not share their enthusiasm: locals complain that celebrities could have brought the virus from the capital and note the hostility and pathos on the part of visiting guests. Thus, an employee of a local butcher's shop indignantly emphasizes: "The Beckhams and all these stars act selfishly when they move to quarantine in the countryside." The local official agrees with her:“They boast of impeccable country mansions and fun social media activities, but in reality they are just trying to wipe our nose. Beckhams and other celebrities are acting stupid, irresponsible and rude."

In addition to the above, the neighbors of our heroes are worried that in the event of infection, the stars may require special treatment and push back the elderly and sick with poor health. We hope that David and Victoria will be able to establish relations with those who are not too happy about such a neighborhood.

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