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Meghan Markle Surprised With A New Hairstyle
Meghan Markle Surprised With A New Hairstyle

Video: Meghan Markle Surprised With A New Hairstyle

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Video: Hairstylist to the Royals Shows How to Recreate Meghan Markle’s Messy Bun 2023, January

Unlike Kate Middleton, Prince William and other royal relatives, Meghan Markle rarely appears in public now - including virtually. After Megsit, the ex-Duchess took off her royal obligations and leads a closed life with Prince Harry and their son Archie in the United States. But sometimes Markle makes exceptions and goes public: the other day she gave an official speech at the online Girl Up Leadership Summit and urged teenagers not to succumb to the destructive influence of bullying - including on social networks - and jointly fight all types of inequality.

While the wife of Prince Harry emotionally addressed the audience, many could not help but note her new hairstyle. The Internet community has even split into two camps. The first assured that Markle had increased her hair - in their opinion, it became noticeably thicker and longer in a couple of days since her last release. And this step seemed to them far from striving for natural beauty. Others de noted that Megan changed her hairstyle deliberately: during her exits as a duchess, she curled her hair or gathered it in a high hairstyle, and now she straightened it on purpose to look "confident and relaxed" even without the support of British monarchs.

However, most commentators agreed on one thing: Markle looks great, and this styling is very beautiful.

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