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Meghan Markle, Charlize Theron And Other Stars Remember Peter Lindbergh
Meghan Markle, Charlize Theron And Other Stars Remember Peter Lindbergh

Video: Meghan Markle, Charlize Theron And Other Stars Remember Peter Lindbergh

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Video: Meghan Markle - American Princess 2023, February

Today sad news came: at the age of 75, Peter Lindbergh, the legend of fashion photography, passed away. The master had not only many works that went down in the history of world gloss, but also celebrity friends who today remember Lindbergh and are proud to meet him.

Meghan Markle:

“The life and work of Peter Lindbergh is admirable. His photographs were appreciated all over the world for the fact that he subtly captures the essence and maintains healthy canons of beauty, avoiding retouching and praising a natural appearance and a minimum of makeup. "

Coco Rocha:

“It's sad to wake up and read on the news that Peter Lindbergh is gone. I remember his words: “For me, every photograph is a portrait, and clothes are just a frame for my idea. You capture a relationship with your character, and when energy is exchanged, a photograph is obtained. " Peter is a legendary photographer and I was very lucky to meet him on the set. "

Charlize Theron:

My heart is broken. Peter Lindbergh was a genius and an inimitable master of his craft. But it wasn't just his talent that made him special: Lindbergh was an unusually kind and sincere person with a unique sense of humor. There are one in a million such people. I will always remember you, my friend.

Naomi Campbell:

“There are no words to describe this loss. Peter Lindbergh, I so appreciated your love of life, your smile, kindness and generosity - I will never forget how you took me in Paris while my house was not ready yet. Oh, Peter, how many bright moments have accumulated between us over these 33 years that fill my heart. Now you and dad can meet in heaven. "

Cindy Crawford:

“Peter Lindbergh has always praised the Woman with his works. But not her posh styling, makeup or clothing. He knew how to present imperfections in appearance that they turned into a highlight … His work is timeless. Peter, we will miss you so much. And I am proud that I was lucky enough to meet you and be filmed with you. "

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