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A Rare Photo Of Princess Charlotte
A Rare Photo Of Princess Charlotte
Video: A Rare Photo Of Princess Charlotte
Video: Kensington Palace releases rare photo of Princess Charlotte 2023, February

Instagram: @kensingtonroyal

Kate Middleton could not resist and posted on the official royal Instagram account a photo of little Charlotte sniffing wild bells in the field. This is a picture that the Duchess took herself on her daughter's birthday last year (it looks like William or Kate's own photographs of their family are becoming a tradition: remember only the Christmas card of the Dukes of Cambridge, on which Middleton is absent, since it was she who was behind the lens). Kate posted the photo of Charlotte after she mentioned this intimate moment of their life in the Happy Mum radio podcast, Happy Baby, in which the Duchess took part the day before.


“Seeing Charlotte playing with flowers in the field is one of the most significant moments for me as a mother,” she said. “I try to do everything to ensure that every day there is a place for them,” added Middleton. Let us remind you that the favorite perfume of Princess Diana was called "Bell": she used the Bluebell perfume from Penhaligon's.

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