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3 Ways To Arrange A Real New Year's Fairy Tale For Your Children
3 Ways To Arrange A Real New Year's Fairy Tale For Your Children

Video: 3 Ways To Arrange A Real New Year's Fairy Tale For Your Children

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When we ourselves were children, all the New Year's fuss seemed like a fairy tale. But with age, this feeling of magic, unfortunately, disappears, giving way to completely everyday pre-holiday worries. It comes back when you prepare a New Year's fairy tale for kids: buying gifts for them, decorating a Christmas tree and desperately pretending to be Santa Claus, you start looking at everything that happens again with children's eyes. Together with the network of salons for children and expectant mothers "Kangaroo", we tell you how to make the holiday truly magical - both for children and for ourselves.

Christmas decor

Long before the New Year, the city begins to acquire festive decorations. First, Christmas trees grow in shop windows, then garlands and tinsel appear everywhere. And even the most severe people are gradually imbued with New Year's mood. Start your fairy tale by creating decorations: cut crisp white paper snowflakes with the children, hang colorful garlands under the ceiling, and flickering light nets on the windows. Some of the jewelry can be bought in the store, some can be made by hand. In any case, the joint process of buying them and creating them brings them together very much.

Choosing and buying a Christmas tree is already a whole ritual. Today, few remain faithful to live spruces: the range of artificial ones is so wide that the chance to meet among them your only green (by the way, not necessarily) beauty is much higher. Go in search of her with the children - let them choose! And in no case decorate the Christmas tree without them: even if it is not the most beautiful for your adult taste, but to look at intricate toys, braid it with beads and shout "Christmas tree, burn!" - a real pleasure for any kid.

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