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Two Cities: What To See In Israel
Two Cities: What To See In Israel
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May holidays are not far off: it's time to think about how, with whom, and most importantly - where to spend them. Israel would be an excellent option, and this is not only about visa-free travel, but also an amazing number of interesting places with a really rich history. To "feel" the country in a relatively short vacation, we strongly recommend that you first go to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - a list of the main local attractions is attached.


Dome of the Rock

Let's make a reservation right away: you can enter the mosque, which is rightly considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Jerusalem, only if you are a Muslim. And nevertheless, it is necessary to see the Dome of the Rock (albeit from the side) - fortunately, it is noticeable from any point of the Old Town.

Wall of Tears

Everyone has heard about the Western Wall (also called the Western Wall) at least once in their life. Part of the ancient fence around one of the slopes of the Temple Mount has been preserved since 70 BC, and today hundreds of believers and tourists from all over the world come to it - including in order to put a note between the stones with their deepest desire.


Church of the Holy Sepulcher

According to the Holy Scriptures, it was here that Jesus Christ was buried - and then resurrected -. The architectural complex of the Holy Sepulcher includes three main structures: the temple on Calvary, the chapel of the Holy Sepulcher and the Church of the Resurrection. It is best to plan a visit to the shrine either in the early morning or in the evening - at this time, there are usually no excursion groups here.

Mount of olives

According to legend, it is on the Mount of Olives that the Last Judgment will take place and the resurrection of the dead will take place. However, this attraction is worth visiting not only for those who believe in mystical legends: an excellent view of the entire city opens from here. In addition, the famous Garden of Gethsemane is located on the Mount of Olives - a place amazing in its energy and a must-see.


Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem keeps information about millions of people who became victims of the worst tragedy in the history of the Jewish people - the Holocaust. On its territory there are memorial sites, a library, memorial sites, as well as the International School of Catastrophe Research. Before visiting, be sure to check the Yad Vashem website for detailed information about each of the complex's components.

Tel Aviv


One of the main ports of ancient Israel: according to legend, it was here that Perseus freed Andromeda. Today it is one of the main attractions of Tel Aviv: art galleries, restaurants, flea markets - get ready to devote to Jaffa all day. And don't forget about the evening program at the Gesher Theater, where performances are always accompanied by Russian captions.


Neve Tzedek

Unlike Jaffa, the Neve Tzedek area can hardly be called one hundred percent tourist. Mostly locals come here - for the silence, cozy narrow streets and homemade cafes.

Old port

The main place for entertainment in Tel Aviv is the Old Port. During the day they ride bicycles and wander around the shops, and in the evening they come off at numerous discos. Well, and on Saturdays there is an antiques fair: not a single collector will definitely pass by it!


Shuk Carmel Market

It is worth coming to this huge market not so much for shopping as for the atmosphere - here, like nowhere else, you can "feel" the life of the city. However, if you still decide to go shopping, keep in mind that it is most profitable to come here on Friday - on the eve of Shabbat.

Diamond Exchange

Well, if you want to shop more impressive than spices or dried fruits, go to the Diamond Exchange - and do not forget to bargain: Tel Aviv is still an oriental city!



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