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Fans of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra know where they will celebrate the next New Year already at the beginning of January: tickets for its festive concerts are always sold out among lovers of classical music. By saying “every time”, we mean the last 70-odd years: this is exactly the experience of annual New Year's performances in the Musikverein concert hall of the eminent Austrian group. The New Year's Eve Concert, always scheduled for the evening of December 31, and the New Year's Concert, which is held on January 1 (starting at 11:15 am), however, are watched not only by happy visitors to Musikverein, but also by residents of more than 90 countries, who are watching the live broadcast from Vienna.

The concert program again meets the established tradition: 12 "main" pieces plus three encores. The choice of the first one remains with the conductor, while the two final ones are always unchanged: the culmination of the New Year's concerts is the waltz of Johann Strauss the son "On the Beautiful Blue Danube" and the "Radetzky March" by Strauss the elder. The excitement around the New Year's concerts is serious: for those that will take place in Vienna with the support of Rolex in less than a week, tickets are almost impossible to get. It is worth thinking about spending the next New Year at the Musikverein now: tickets for the new season will go on sale very soon.

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