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5 Rules For A Healthy Lunch Box
5 Rules For A Healthy Lunch Box

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Less than a month is left before the New Year, and there is less and less free time: we need to buy gifts, deal with vacations, solve all matters by the end of December … We think about everything in the world, but not about ourselves. Lunches are also at risk, especially for those who work in the office and do not have time to find the right food. Dishes from the nearby canteen, to put it mildly, do not suit, office machines offer only chocolates and dubious snacks … In this case, you should take your lunch with you!

Many people are familiar with American lunch boxes, but someone did not have time to start using them or decided that it was too difficult. No matter how tempting the desire to make your life easier, pay attention to their benefits. First, having a home-cooked lunch will give you the opportunity to pre-plan your diet and stay fit. Secondly, it is much cheaper than lunch in a cafeteria or the nearest cafe. And finally, such a lunch is always guaranteed to be delicious, because you made it yourself. Take with you only what you really want to eat. If you like hot food, do not limit yourself to a cold salad from a mix of greens: it will not satisfy your needs, which means that you will be hungry very quickly and will definitely fall for a sweet!


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5 easy steps to healthy office eating:

1. First rule: keep it simple! No need to come up with complicated dishes that take a lot of time in the morning. Prepare a little more wholesome, fresh food for dinner than usual, and pack it in a good airtight container.

2. When collecting lunch, start with the main course. Whole grain bread sandwich, soup, baked vegetables, rice, lentils, buckwheat with mushrooms, or chicken breast salad are great choices.

3. Add fruits and vegetables. The first - as a snack between breakfast and lunch, the second - in the form of a salad to the main dish, which will add fiber to the body, which means it will contribute to normal digestion and cleansing of toxins.

4. Don't forget about snacks. Especially at work! Colleagues often bring chocolates, cookies and other goodies to the office, and, what is most sad, at the computer you may not even notice how you ate a certain amount of sugar. Take with you dried fruits, nuts, peeled seeds, whole grain biscuits, avocados, or dried seaweed.

5. Water is the head of everything! Sometimes we seem to feel hungry, but in reality we are just thirsty. To prevent this from happening, keep a bottle of water on your desktop, and if you are worried about the abundance of garbage that has accumulated over the week, invest in reusable bottles: now they are sold almost everywhere, and you can choose the design that suits you.


By planning your meals in this way, you can always keep track of what you eat, which means, control your weight and feel full of energy after lunch.

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