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5 Best Food Combinations
5 Best Food Combinations

Video: 5 Best Food Combinations

Video: 5 Best Food Combinations

Everyone knows how important certain substances are for the health of our body. But few people know that not all of them are easy to digest. Benefits are often brought not by individual vitamins and microelements, but by their combinations. How to make the perfect snack to energize the body, and what to combine fish with so that omega-3s are absorbed exactly, we will tell below.

Hummus and carrots

Slow carbohydrates + protein

Hummus combined with vegetables is not only tasty, but also healthy snack. Vitamin A, which is rich in carrots, is fat-soluble, that is, it is absorbed by the body only in combination with the fats that are in hummus. In addition, chickpea paste is rich in vegetable protein and important micronutrients. Such a meal will provide the body with everything it needs and will give a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Spinach and strawberries

Vitamin C + iron

Iron is an element necessary for a person, on which the supply of oxygen to tissues and organs directly depends, and it is he who is most often in deficit. Low iron levels can lead to anemia, which causes fatigue, muscle weakness and hair loss, so it is important to get as much of the mineral from food as possible. Spinach is extraordinarily rich in iron, and strawberries contain large amounts of vitamin C to help it absorb better. In addition, the products go well with each other in taste.

Greens and olive oil

Vitamin K + Healthy Fats

We've talked about the importance of vitamin K for bone and cardiovascular health. Kale, cabbage, leafy greens and broccoli boast the highest content of this vitamin. However, like vitamin A, vitamin K cannot be absorbed without fat, which means that the benefits to the body from boiled broccoli or green salad will be minimal. Combine foods rich in vitamin K with healthy fats like olive oil or avocado. In addition to healthy blood vessels, you will see a noticeable improvement in the condition of your skin and hair.

Yogurt and bananas

Potassium + Protein

Banana and yogurt are the best pair to restore muscle after exercise. Even if you do not exercise often, this combination of foods will not be superfluous in your diet. The high protein content of yogurt, especially Greek (choose without sugar or additives), paired with potassium, which is rich in banana, energizes the body, stimulates the production of amino acids and helps to recuperate both after training and after a hard day at work. Plus, it's delicious.

Wine and fish

Polyphenols + Omega-3

Lovers of salmon steak with a glass of white wine triumph. Yes, this miracle drink can really benefit the body, in moderation, of course. The fact is that the polyphenols formed in wine during the fermentation process promote better absorption of omega-3 fatty acids in the body and protect cells from premature aging. And this combination of products helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. We seem to know what you will order for dinner tonight.

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