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Sugar Free: The 5 Best Natural Sweeteners
Sugar Free: The 5 Best Natural Sweeteners

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Photo: @hannastefansson

Sugar is almost the only product that does not bring any benefit at all: no proteins, no fats, no vitamins - only fast carbohydrates and a high glycemic index. Plus, consuming too much sugar can lead to serious health problems. Fortunately for all dessert lovers, white sugar can be replaced with something equally sweet, but less harmful. There are a lot of natural alternatives to white sugar.


This natural sweetener is made from the leaves of stevia, a plant native to South America. Stevia is adored by athletes, models and everyone who counts calories because they are not here. The calorie content of stevia is really zero, and of the minuses, one can only name a slight bitterness. Stevia can be added to tea, coffee, baked goods, and more. It is 100% natural and absolutely harmless to the body.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup

Jerusalem artichoke looks like a potato. From its tubers, a sweet syrup is made, which tastes like flower honey. The syrup contains pectins, which normalize metabolism, as well as organic acids.

Date syrup

A great alternative to sugar. Saturated with useful vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Dates are great as a sweetener by themselves - just add them to your porridge or smoothies. But it is worth considering the calorie content of these fruits and a fairly high glycemic index.

Maple syrup

Another natural sweetener rich in minerals, trace elements and B vitamins. It will be an excellent addition to your favorite porridge or yogurt, but you should not get carried away with it, because the calorie content of the syrup is quite high.

Carob syrup

Carob syrup is rich in minerals and vitamins and tastes like chocolate. The syrup will be a real salvation for those who are allergic to sweets.

What should not replace sugar

Agave syrup is often featured on the list of healthy sugar alternatives, although nutritionists recommend being wary of it. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the syrup contains 90% fructose, which can affect the body no less than white sugar.

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