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Emily Ratajkowski's Beauty Secrets
Emily Ratajkowski's Beauty Secrets

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The figure of Emily Ratajkowski is admired by millions of people around the world. Slender legs, raised abs and rounded buttocks are the hallmark of the model. In an interview, Emily repeatedly admitted that in many ways it is genetics and a good metabolism, which she inherited from nature, but she also never forgets about working on herself. Below we talk about the 7 main beauty secrets of Emily Ratajkowski.

Pastries for breakfast

Looking at Ratajkowski's perfect abs, it's hard to believe that she even visits pastry shops, but this is so. In an interview, the model has repeatedly talked about her morning ritual: a cup of strong black coffee and a croissant or muffin. Plus, having satisfied your need for fast carbs early in the morning makes it easier to stick to the regimen for the rest of the day.

Iron willpower

After her morning croissant, Emily doesn't allow herself anything extra. The hardest thing, according to the model, is on the set. There is almost always a buffet that is just bursting with delicious food. At such moments, Emily is adamant: she is limited to a salad of fresh vegetables, although there are a lot of temptations around.

Lots of protein

Emily never even considered giving up meat and switching to plant foods. The model is confident that the predominance of protein in the diet is the key not only to an ideal figure, but also to health and well-being. Besides, Ratajkowski is simply very fond of meat. She usually prefers diet poultry or beef, although she can sometimes be tempted to steak as well.

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Physical exercises

Despite her busy schedule, Emily always finds time for sports (after all, the perfect abs will not pump up by itself). Ratajkowski combines a wide variety of physical activities, from strength training and Pilates to dancing and swimming. This gives her the opportunity to work out all muscle groups and get not only relief, but also a strong, plastic body.

Eating out

Dinner for the model is not so much a satisfaction of the need for food as a way of socialization. Almost every night, Emily meets with her friends for dinner or goes to a restaurant for a romantic date with her husband. Supper Ratajkowski with whole grain pasta, meat with vegetables or sushi. The model is confident that by focusing on communicating with loved ones, she does not risk overeating.

Sleep and water

Emily can drink up to 3 liters of water a day. It is necessary for both a good metabolism and clean, even skin. In addition, the model has a fairly clear daily routine. If there are no plans for a major event that will drag on for the whole night, then she tries to go to bed early and sleep 8-9 hours.

No hard limits

“Whatever you do, everything should be joyful,” Emily is sure. If proper nutrition turns into daily torture, the likelihood of breaking down increases significantly. The main principle of the model is to listen to her own desires, and if she really wants a steak or a bun, she will never deny herself the pleasure.


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