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How To Understand That You Have Vitamin Deficiency
How To Understand That You Have Vitamin Deficiency

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Photo: @margotrobbie
Photo: @margotrobbie

Avitaminosis (or hypovitaminosis) is generally a fairly common problem, but in the fall the issue of vitamin deficiency becomes more relevant than ever. Vitamin deficiency develops under the influence of adverse environmental factors and as a result of prolonged monotonous and unbalanced nutrition, devoid of vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body.

Vitamin deficiency manifests itself in various unpleasant symptoms, from dry skin to cramps. In our material, we talk about the 6 most common signs of vitamin deficiency, in which you need to see a doctor and get tested, according to which the doctor will help you create a balanced diet or prescribe multivitamins. We have already talked about how to combine them correctly here.

Skin problems

First of all, vitamin deficiency affects the condition of our skin. It becomes dry and flaky even if you use a quality multi-step moisturizing treatment. In addition, with vitamin deficiency, acne and skin irritation can appear, even if you have never been prone to this. Most often, such changes indicate a deficiency of vitamins C and E (more about it here), since they provide hydration and nutrition of the skin from the inside and the production of collagen.


Puffiness can have many reasons: not drinking enough water, too much salt, alcohol or sugar. However, if you drink 2.5 liters of water a day and do not abuse any of the above, and the edema does not go away, the problem, with a high degree of probability, is vitamin deficiency. Read more about the causes of puffiness and solutions here.

Photo: @pernilleteisbaek
Photo: @pernilleteisbaek

Muscle weakness

Another sign of vitamin deficiency can be muscle weakness, accompanied by sudden swelling of the joints, bouts of numbness, tingling in the fingertips, poor motor coordination and even seizures. These symptoms indicate a much more serious vitamin deficiency than puffiness or peeling of the skin, so when they appear, you should consult a doctor and get tested.

Brittle hair and nails

With a lack of vitamins, the nails become dull, brittle, and even their care products - oils or medicated varnishes - do not save the day. With vitamin deficiency, the pallor of the nail plate is characteristic, the appearance of dimples, stripes or spots on it. Hair from hypovitaminosis also gets in full - they become dull, brittle and can fall out with triple strength.

Photo: @annareinholdt
Photo: @annareinholdt

Apathy, poor concentration

Our nervous system also reacts to the lack of vitamins. Among the characteristic symptoms are decreased performance, impaired concentration and memory, chronic fatigue and irritability. If you notice that you cannot cope with even a third of those things that you previously did without difficulty, it may be time to get tested.


Our digestive system is unusually sensitive to the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body. If this balance is disturbed, the likelihood of problems with the digestive tract is high. Stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea can be direct evidence of vitamin deficiency.

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