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One Tool That Helps Kate Middleton Deal With Age Wrinkles
One Tool That Helps Kate Middleton Deal With Age Wrinkles

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Kate Middleton is a role model for millions of women around the world. The Duchess is actively involved in social activities, raises three children and always looks impeccable. We have already written about how Kate keeps herself in excellent shape here, and today we will tell you about her main secret of youth.

During the 9 years that Kate is the wife of Prince William, the Duchess has practically not changed: the same hairstyle, chiseled figure, radiant smile and not the slightest signs of aging on her face. The elixir of eternal youth for the Duchess was nothing more than the most common rosehip oil. This natural remedy is appreciated by cosmetologists around the world, it has long become an integral part of the beauty routine not only of Kate, but also of other celebrity beauties - Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne.

How does rosehip oil work?

The benefits of rosehip oil for preserving youthfulness and elasticity of the skin have been scientifically proven many times. As we age, our skin's natural protective barrier weakens markedly, with dryness, flaking, wrinkles and pigmentation. The active substances that contain the fruits and seeds of rose hips restore this barrier, prevent the appearance of inflammatory processes and, importantly, stimulate collagen production, which noticeably slows down by the age of 20 (we wrote about the ability of collagen to keep skin youthful here).

Rosehips are extraordinarily rich in antioxidants that are necessary to protect the body from free radical damage and slow down the aging process. There are as many as 4 active antioxidant compounds in rose hips: flavonoids, vitamin C, and several varieties of carotenoids, which, when ingested, are converted into vitamins A and E.

It's no wonder that with such a range of anti-aging ingredients, rosehip oil has become one of the most popular remedies for fighting the outward signs of aging. Regular use of the oil - both on its own and in serums and creams with an anti-age effect - moisturizes and nourishes the skin, restores firmness and a healthy glow to it, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

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