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Princes William And Harry Commented On Rumors Of Feud
Princes William And Harry Commented On Rumors Of Feud

Video: Princes William And Harry Commented On Rumors Of Feud

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Video: JOAN COLLINS Bombshell On Meghan Markle And Prince Harry For Feud With William u0026 Kate Middleton!! 2023, February

By stepping down from royalty, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have backfired and become even more attractive characters for the media. So, the British publications assured that over these days, strained relations were established between the grandchildren of Elizabeth II. And the insider even quoted - allegedly - the words of Prince William, who complained that he and his brother "became strangers to each other."

Today, January 13, the Queen, her grandchildren and Prince Charles will meet in Sandringham, as well as Megan, who will communicate with the audience via video call from Canada. At the family council, the British monarchs will approve projects and commitments that will remain for Markle and her husband.

On the eve of this meeting, Princes Harry and William, tired of rumors, officially commented on reports of their "feud":

“Despite the obvious denials, in one of the British tabloids today there was false information speculating on the topic of relations between the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge. For both brothers, who are so deeply concerned about mental health support, this manipulation of public opinion is offensive and potentially dangerous.”

Fortunately, even the difficult decision of Prince Harry could not embroil him with his own brother.

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