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Sunset Haze And Metallic: 5 Fall Makeup Trends
Sunset Haze And Metallic: 5 Fall Makeup Trends

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The secular fashionista Olivia Palermo will help us make the autumn wardrobe, and we invite you to get acquainted with the upcoming beauty trends from the pictures of Beyoncé, Bella Hadid and other stars.

Sunset haze in the eyes

In the spring, all social networks of make-up artists were filled with smoky-ice shots imitating the dawn of the sun: the haze was created by pink, yellow and orange colors. By the fall, the make-up community changed its vector towards sunset, choosing deep shades of red, lilac and brown-copper as favorites.

Olivia Wilde

Metallic makeup

It looks like a wave of feminism has influenced makeup too, bringing a strong metallic flavor to it. We see in this trend (typical, by the way, for lips) reflections of distant worlds and galaxies: it is not for nothing that films about space have become so popular lately.

Lily Collins

Upper eyeliner

The graphic 1960s convey geometric greetings to the centuries of Zoe Kravitz and other stylish beauties. We were much more fortunate than our mothers and grandmothers: for half a century, the beauty industry has created liners and eyeliners of any color and texture. Therefore, now any evening makeup can be done by yourself, simply by drawing a few lines over the upper eyelid.

Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz

"Kissed" lips

This trend will delight anyone who hates to outline their lips. Oh yes, and loves to kiss. Even Beyoncé is allowed to go out with her lips "kissed".


Two-tone shadows

Another trend dominated by inexperienced makeup artists. Just apply two contrasting shades of eyeshadow on the eyelids: even careful blending is not necessary. Bright, simple, so also approved by Oscar de la Renta at the show of his latest fall collection.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid
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