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Not With Napkins Alone: ​​how To Get Rid Of Oily Sheen
Not With Napkins Alone: ​​how To Get Rid Of Oily Sheen

Video: Not With Napkins Alone: ​​how To Get Rid Of Oily Sheen

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Miracle wipes with a matting effect have long and firmly settled in our cosmetic bags, but professional make-up artists, as it turned out, do not have much love for them. Do not be alarmed: there is, of course, no harm from them - only that there is little sense, to be honest. Experts advocate a more global approach.

Maria Boldyreva, "CloudsStudio"

I advise you to pay attention to matting bases. They, unlike napkins, give a prolonged, rather than momentary effect and continue to control the work of the sebaceous glands throughout the day. And I’m not talking about other bonuses, for example, thanks to the primers, you can significantly increase the durability of your makeup.

Stella Sargsyan, Beauty Stop 26

Let's be realistic: matting wipes cannot solve the problem globally. Make masks of white clay twice a week, use specialized products and remember that miracles, alas, do not happen! But if the result is needed here and now, I would also stop at primers: as a rule, they include silicone, which for some reason many are afraid of - but in vain! It is he who allows you to neutralize oily sheen. The next step is a matte foundation and, if necessary, powder.

Ivan Subota, "MilFey"

I agree with my colleagues: it's not for nothing that they say that beauty begins from the inside. To resolve the issue once and for all, I advise you to use light matting emulsions every day, my favorite is Academie Fluide Hydro-Matifiant: eucalyptus extract tones, deodorizes and heals the skin, and lavender oil controls the growth of bacteria.

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