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Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors

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Parisian chic

The new Lancome collection was developed by the brand's muse - model, music producer, writer Caroline de Maigret. And the basic rule that guided her when creating it is as follows: makeup should be so natural that no one will notice it, but you simply have no moral right to leave the house without it! So, the star of the autumn collection is a palette made in the form of a clutch made of pebbled leather. It includes three shades of eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and three shades of eyebrow shadows. And here's a recipe for a win-win eye makeup from Carolyn: “Take the lightest shade of the eyeshadow as a base, and use the darkest one as the eyeliner. To make your make-up even more expressive, use Grandiose mascara."

Pay attention to the limited pearl pink shade of Vernis In Love Gris sur les Toits - it resembles the color of the September sky at dawn.


We die for metal

Lloyd Simons, the art director of make-up at Yves Saint Laurent, is confident that this fall, shine should be not only in our eyes, but also on eyelids, lips and nails. This is what he dedicated his seasonal collection to. Obviously, absolutely all products included in it deserve attention. Thus, the original Couture Kajal is a three-in-one product. It can be used as a pencil, as an eye shadow, and as an eyeliner! Thanks to this, any effect can be achieved. Lloyd himself recommends paying attention to bright graphic eye makeup. To do this, in addition to a wonderful pencil, it would be good to use the Couture Palette Collector Metal Clash. It looks like a real work of art! And it included incredibly rich dark shades with which you can "play" depending on the situation and mood.

Pay attention to the Couture Metal Manicure stickers - a real haute couture for nails! Gold, crystals and of course the YSL logo will decorate them in the best possible way.

Calligraphy principles

Dior's creative director of make-up Peter Phillips calls his collection nothing less than an ode to daring women. Metallic shine on the eyelids, beige on the lips and khaki on the nails - these are the basic rules of fashionable makeup this season. A very interesting product: six mirrored shades of Dior Addict Fluid Shadow, which help to capture and reflect light. At the same time, they are applied incredibly easily: with one movement of the hand. The mix of shades in two limited edition 5 Couleurs palettes is also attractive. In one of them it is built around gold, in the other around silver.


Spotlight on the first multi-purpose instant concealer Fix It, a versatile product that helps hide imperfections in skin. With it, you can both lighten lips and remove dark circles under the eyes!

Perfect duet

Dolce & Gabbana's seasonal makeup is built around two colors: pink and red. But in this case, it is more likely not about their combination, but about which one is closest to you at the moment. For a more delicate make-up, check out the Mauve Diamond Blush for a radiant complexion and the pearlescent shades of Perfect Mono Eyeshadow, Zambia Beige. Well, passionate people will surely like the new bright red shade of the Classic Cream Lipstick and Nail Lacquer with the eloquent name Red Royal. Complement this duo by highlighting the eyes with a Khol Pencil in a rich shade of True Black.

Look out for the Quad Fall Harvest Eyeshadow palette, which is dominated by the shade of purple amethyst.


Day and night

The new collection of Clarins Pretty Day and Night makeup calls for us not to be afraid to fantasize at any time of the day. Two palettes should help us with this: Palette yeux 5 Couleurs, 01 Pretty Day for daytime and Pallete yeux 5 Couleurs, 02 Pretty Night for evening eye makeup. Well, to further emphasize their expressiveness, you can use the Crayon Khol eyeliner with a brush, which can be applied both on the eyelids and on the mucous membrane.


Check out the Crayon Sourcils Brow Pencil for a crisp, matte brow line. By the way, its new formula guarantees flawless color fastness!

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