Guests Of The Giorgio Armani Show In Moscow
Guests Of The Giorgio Armani Show In Moscow

Video: Guests Of The Giorgio Armani Show In Moscow

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

The fashionable Moscow audience began to gather in the new Tesla 4000 space in advance to demonstrate to photographers the magnificent variety of Armani total look, “remember everything”, looking at the beautiful video sequence with the brand's history, and personally pay their respects to the maestro. The concentration of black in the interior and in the outfits of the guests went off scale, but in the case of the named brand, there is never too much black. There were those who created the necessary contrast: Lena Perminova appeared in a pearl-gray trouser suit, and Snezhana Georgieva was wearing a striped colored jacket of the Italian brand perfectly.

In the collection itself, retro canons and restrained colors were used: silhouettes in the style of the 40s, neat floral prints, an abundance of lace and velvet - all in the best traditions of the fashion house. The designer himself accompanied the models to the podium, and then bowed to deafening applause, holding an impressive matryoshka doll in his hands. Since the show is timed to coincide with a significant event, the composition of the models was somewhat unusual: part of the men's collection was demonstrated by Russian actors - Nikita Efremov, Yegor Koreshkov and Pavel Tabakov. The star trio in the company of other socialites attended the cocktail, which was accompanied by musical accompaniment from Dasha Malygina. Bravo, señor Armani!

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