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Kim Kardashian Pulled Her Waist With A Corset
Kim Kardashian Pulled Her Waist With A Corset

Video: Kim Kardashian Pulled Her Waist With A Corset

Video: Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue 2022, December

There are women of fashion who are ready to make the most cruel sacrifices for the sake of spectacular images. For example, last year, Kim Kardashian shone at the Met Gala in a "wet" Thierry Mugler corset dress with iridescent crystals in the form of drops. Diva admitted that she needed the help of three men, otherwise she would not be able to squeeze into this evening dress. to all the inconveniences, Kim did not have the opportunity to go to the toilet in this dress, to have a snack and even just sit, so it was not easy for her to go out for four hours, and the marks from the corset remained on her skin for a long time.

On top of that, the corset disappeared after the ball, but Kim liked the effect so much that she almost immediately ordered a similar model from designer Mark Erskine-Pullin, better known as Mr. Pearl. Today, Kardashian showed a video in which she poses in a nude corset, and said that she bought it during a trip to London last year. Fans were impressed by the image of their favorite, but in a negative way: many were frightened by Kim's unnaturally narrow waist and the fact that Kanye West's wife even breathes in him with difficulty. Although, who knows, perhaps Kardashian will now retouch not only photos, but also videos.

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