How Kendell Jenner's Appearance Changed
How Kendell Jenner's Appearance Changed

Video: How Kendell Jenner's Appearance Changed

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Video: Did Kendall Jenner Have Plastic Surgery? - Dr. Anthony Youn 2023, January

Today Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous and highest paid models in the world. Her career has developed rapidly - thanks to a loud surname, hard work and, of course, a bright and memorable appearance. Nature did not cheat the girl, but the initial data seemed to her a little - it could not do without certain interventions. In particular, fans are confident that she was enlarging her lips. Also, fans have suspicions that the brunette did rhinoplasty. However, the beauty herself prefers to remain silent on this topic. The girl's eyebrows also changed shape over time. Observant fans have suspicions that the popular operation in Hollywood is a browlifting or endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift. As a result, the eyebrows are lifted and the look becomes “feline”.

According to Kendall herself, she struggled with acne all her life and suffered from bullying due to skin imperfections. And she even became the face of a line of cosmetics that help get rid of this problem. She managed to defeat the rash quite recently.

There are other changes in the beauty look of the catwalk star: in recent years, she has less and less used bright lipsticks in her makeup, switching to restrained nude. Long curls were replaced by medium hair length. Now Jenner can be seen more and more often with her hair pulled back, and "torn" bangs are a thing of the past. We've collected 18 of Kendall's most eloquent portraits from 2010 to the present. From these frames, you can easily track the beauty transformation of a celebrity.

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