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7 Ex-Olympians Conquering Fashion
7 Ex-Olympians Conquering Fashion

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Sport has a harsh nature: today you listen to applause with a medal on your chest, and tomorrow you yourself are applauding others. When the moment of victory in the main games of the planet becomes a great memory for the former Olympic champions, they begin to look for new ways of expression and new sources of income. Some of them also look to fashion.

Caitlyn Jenner

Today, Kaitlyn Jenner is the most famous transgender woman, a source of inspiration for LGBT communities around the world, and the only person whom Donald Trump allowed to use any toilet, male and female, in his Trump Tower skyscraper. Before the sex reassignment surgery, Bruce Jenner was engaged in decathlon, repeatedly set world records, and at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal he took gold, as well as a flag from the hands of a spectator, which he carried during the lap of honor. It was Bruce who started this tradition. Now Kaitlyn is passionate about what is close to any woman - fashion and cosmetics. So, in the spring of this year, she first became the face of the cosmetics brand MAC, and then she was attracted to cooperation by the Swedes H&M. Appearing in an advertisement for the H&M Sport line,Caitlin paid tribute to her sporting past and solidified herself in the modeling present.


Maria Sharapova

People outside of their sphere of interest in sports usually do not react in any way to the names of even the most brilliant champions. But Maria Sharapova is known by millions. The tennis star has shown and continues to show excellent results on the courts of the largest championships, and at the London 2012 Olympics she reached a silver medal. Of course, the name that everyone knows, could not but be tempted by a variety of brands. Sharapova willingly signed contracts with many, including fashionable, labels. At the moment, she took part in advertising campaigns for Tag Heuer and Tiffany, Fred Perry and René Lacoste, and with the sports giant Nike in 2010 she even made a tennis collection Nike Maria Sharapova Collection.

Serena Williams

Tennis player Serena Williams has a whole collection of Olympic medals: she took gold in the women's singles in London in 2012 and won three times (2000, 2008, 2012) in doubles with her older sister Venus. But outside the court, the younger Williams has interests. Like her colleague Sharapova, Serena has appeared in commercials for sports brands Nike, Reebok and Puma. She also collaborated with the designers from Puma. According to the champion, this collaboration gave her enough knowledge to create her own Serena Williams Signature Statement. Williams decided to go all-in, not get hung up on sports and do just casual clothes. By the way, quite good.


Johnny Weir

From the shocking ex-Olympian Johnny Weir, it's immediately clear that he loves fashion almost as much as figure skating. Weir always appears in public in extravagant outfits - from shiny jackets and expensive furs to fantastic tops in the spirit of the Japanese avant-garde - and skillfully poses for photographers. In terms of concrete action in the field of fashion, Weir has already tried himself as a model and made a whole collection of dresses for The skater does not get tired of repeating that as soon as the moment comes to say goodbye to ice and skates, he will go headlong into fashion design.

Gian Rooney

Having won three medals in swimming competitions for her native Australia (gold in Athens in 2004 and two silver in Sydney in 2000), Gian Rooney decided to try herself as a designer. “Many people don't associate former athletes with fashion. And I love fashion - I love clothes, bags and shoes. Of course, I'm not an expert in the fashion industry, but I try my best to become one,”says Rooney. She is assisted in her efforts by her mother Yang, a former model and boutique owner. The former champion has already taken her first step towards a fashion career, having developed a collection of sportswear for the Spalding brand in 2015.


Sean Johnson

A 24-year-old girl with a height of 145 cm, Sean Johnson has already become a big star not only at the championships of her native America, but also in world sports. The young gymnast took gold in the balance beam exercises at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and also won the silver medal title in the absolute championship, floor exercise and team competition. Among all these achievements, Johnson has one more: recently it became known that the girl is preparing to present her own clothing line Shawn John to the public. The gymnast developed sports and a little hooligan things specifically for the same miniature and active women as herself.

Nastya Lyukin

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nastya Lyukin competed side by side with teammate Sean Johnson and eventually brought the United States five medals. After such a deafening victory, Lyukin did not lose her head and continued to work, however, already in the field of fashion. Nastya has starred in ad campaigns for Adidas, Longines and CoverGirl (along with Sean Johnson and Alicia Sacramone), and also released a Supergirl twins clothing line for JCPenney, designed a leotard for GK Elite and even worked as a model for Max Azria.

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