Axenoff Jewelry Ball At Astoria Hotel
Axenoff Jewelry Ball At Astoria Hotel

Video: Axenoff Jewelry Ball At Astoria Hotel

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The founder of the Axenoff Jewelery brand, artist-jeweler Petr Aksenov, quite organically feels you in the aesthetics of bygone eras. In December last year, he celebrated the release of the English film adaptation of War and Peace, for which he created decorations, with a grandiose War and Peace Party, and last weekend here, in the Astoria Hotel, he held the Vertograd in Petrograd ball, inspired by the fashion of the Silver Age. In the spirit of aristocracy and visual saturation, the entourage of the evening was in no way inferior to the previous one.

In the interiors of the historic hotel, thanks to the efforts of the Skazka by Nata company and the florist designer Natalia Semenova-Fesenko, a real "Garden of Eden" has blossomed - this is how the name of the new summer collection of the Vertograd brand ("vertograd") is translated from the Old Russian, in honor of the launch of which it was a ball is arranged. Following the stated dress code in the style of the 1920s, guests donned feathers, lace and embroidered straight-cut dresses. Meanwhile, the artist of the Mikhailovsky Theater Angelina Vorontsova and the first soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Kristina Shapran - Pyotr Aksenov is known for friendly relations with the world of ballet - and some other guests supported the floral theme with their outfits. Not only peonies, roses and lilies of the valley smelled in the Winter Garden of the hotel:in addition to jewelry in the form of flowers and insects, the Axenoff brand presented a candle with an author's scent with notes of birch, pepper and vanilla, created especially for Astoria.

Close friends of the jeweler and fans of his brand could not help but come to a celebration of this magnitude, which means that on Saturday evening in Astoria one could see not only the whole secular Petersburg, but many guests from Moscow. Alla Verber, Oksana Bondarenko, Tatiana Torchilina and others spent a whole weekend on the banks of the Neva, taking part in a series of festive events organized by Axenoff Jewelery.

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