New Bvlgari In GUM
New Bvlgari In GUM

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Video: Открытие бутика BVLGARI в ГУМе // BVLGARI opening at GUM, Red Square, Moscow 2023, January

For just one evening, a blooming Italian garden was laid out in the GUM passage: cutting the ribbon in front of the closest friends of Bvlgari, the brand's team marked an important milestone in the history of relations with Russia. Now their jewelery and watches - with the Maison's iconic decor of colored gemstones and more - can be found in the heart of the capital. Longtime fans of Bvlgari, including Miroslava Duma, Daria Moroz, Evelina Khromchenko and many others, were the first to get acquainted with the boutique's exposition and the limited edition of Octo Moscow watches, released especially for the opening. Svetlana Khodchenkova, the Russian brand ambassador, shone among the beautiful heroines of the Russian film and television screens.

The interiors of the Moscow boutique continue the new concept that Bvlgari is developing around the world. Following the renovated flagship in Via Condotti in Rome, the architect Peter Marino, invited by the House, took over the space in GUM: it used antique marble, stones typical of Roman buildings with the use of classical geometry, as well as other traditional architectural elements that received a modern interpretation. It is doubly pleasant to look at products in a new environment: to feel closer to Italy, being on the main Russian square, you just need to go to GUM.

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