Garrard Christmas Party
Garrard Christmas Party

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Video: 1410 Garrard St 12/24/1996 2022, December

The series of New Year's receptions continues: since December 1, secular Moscow has not lived a day without special marks on the calendar. One of them was given to the Garrard brand, which gathered its friends the night before at the residence of the British Ambassador. This year the company celebrates its 280th anniversary, gladly turning the pages of history: on modern ones, you can find, for example, Kate Middleton's engagement ring, bought by Princess Diana herself, and the launch of brand sales in Mercury boutiques in 2015.

For more than a century and a half, Garrard has been called the official jeweler of the British royal court, which is why the platform for the presentation of the brand's new jewelry collection was as representative as possible. For just one evening, the residence of the British Ambassador acquired a fabulous appearance: two floors with antique interiors decorated with dark carved wood panels, as well as a grand staircase were supplemented with New Year trees, lush decorative compositions and showcases with Garrard novelties. Guests were awaited not only by a festive table and a meeting with representatives of the brand, but also by a set of DJ Becky Tong, who flew to Moscow from London especially for the event.

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