The Second Santa Maria Novella Boutique Opened In Moscow
The Second Santa Maria Novella Boutique Opened In Moscow

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Did the medieval Dominican monks who settled in Florence know that after five centuries their recipes would be enthusiastically used on all continents? After all, it was they who began to grow medicinal herbs, which were used in the preparation of healing balms and essences, which became famous (not without the help of the royal person) under the brand name Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. Today the oldest Italian House presents its cosmetic, perfumery and gastronomic products in all major cities of the world. The Florentine recipes also fell in love with the Moscow public: the other day the brand's second boutique was opened in the capital. Now, in addition to the flagship boutique at 20 Bolshaya Dmitrovka and the official online store the entire range of Santa Maria Novella products can be found in the Vremena Goda Galleries on Kutuzovsky Prospect.

It is worth visiting a new boutique not only for the sake of the products that we usually carried in suitcases from Italy, but also for aesthetic pleasure: the design of the project was developed by the architectural bureau Filippo Burresi. The interior of the space, made in the characteristic style of a Florentine House, is dominated by light colors, used gold leaf, antique Tuscan wood and Botticino Fiorito marble. The assortment of the historic "pharmacy" includes men's and women's perfume lines, a children's line, cosmetics for face and body care, sunscreens, gastronomic products (natural sweets, tea and specialized liqueurs), an organic line for pets, a wide line of phytoproducts and biologically active additives, as well as a collection for the home.

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