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24 Hours With Lana Takkori
24 Hours With Lana Takkori

Video: 24 Hours With Lana Takkori

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Italian designer of Russian origin and founder of the Tak brand. Ori, Lana Takkori feels equally organic in Milan and Moscow. Although most of her life is spent in the homeland of Titian and Verdi, the girl visits the capital regularly: issues of distributing her own brand, meeting friends and the social life of the capital do not let her go for a long time. During one of such visits by Lana, managed to synchronize with her schedule and find out how the everyday life of the creator of intricate women's knitwear goes by.

On Saturday morning, we meet with Lana and her husband in their apartment on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, furnished in the spirit of either an Italian palazzo or a Russian estate (three years ago, the pages of all glossy magazines were full of a report from the housewarming). Another gallery of contemporary art will envy the number of art objects in it, but our attention is entirely focused on the hostess and her plans for the coming day. There are so many amusing "inhabitants" in Takkori's wardrobe (the size of her Milan closet is legendary) that choosing three or four looks for shooting seems like an impossible task. In the end, we settle on the white longs and the Sport Angel gym top, the light-colored Tak jersey suit. Ori for a business meeting at TSUM and lunch, a Valentino lace dress for an evening trip to the theater. While the film crew is frantically figuring out how to get everywhere,Bypassing the dug up Tverskaya street and the promised rains, Lana Takkori talks about her usual daily routine, dolce far niente, and why the Italians call it a “Russian tank”.



I get up early: I like to wake up and watch the sunrise. At this time, I always feel an incredible surge of energy. The husband, on the contrary, loves sunsets, but for some reason they make me sad.


In the morning I make sure to prepare a healthy breakfast: freshly squeezed juice or smoothies (with celery and fruits), fruit salad or buckwheat porridge, and if I don't feel like eating, I drink tea with sea buckthorn.


In Milan, I go to the gym from 7 to 9 am: I swim, work out with a coach and in group classes, I really love dance classes. In Moscow, I do not miss training either, since the fitness club is across the street.


I don’t spend a lot of time collecting and almost don’t put on makeup: I like naturalness. And women in Italy do not pay much attention to this: naturalness is in fashion. As for clothes, I can't say that I have a particular style, although it is believed that by the age of 30 a woman should find it. The husband jokingly advises not to spend money and dress in his own, as the owners of the Missoni brand do. Of course, I go to Tak. Ori, but these are knitwear and need to be paired with something else. I like to experiment and mix things from different brands, for example, I have a vintage Chanel suit that I can safely wear with sneakers. For many years I have been a fan of Prada and Dries Van Noten: these brands always surprise and delight, every time you make a real investment in your wardrobe. I very rarely wear jeans, more often trousers, skirts, dresses, velor.I love vintage things.


In Milan, I mostly walk on foot: the office is fifty meters from the house, and everything else is within walking distance. It's the same in Moscow, because I specially bought an apartment in the very center of the city. Earlier, when I came and lived with friends in Barvikha, it was very difficult for me to move around Moscow: how much time should be spent on the road! I set up an office for myself in the establishment of my friend Svetlana Bondarchuk - the Vanil restaurant on Ostozhenka: I sat there for the whole day and held meetings.



I usually come to work by 10:00. My agency is now mainly focused on the distribution of the Tak.Ori brand. In Italy they call me russo carro armato - "Russian tank", because I came, did and left. It’s not like that: everything happens slowly: first talk, drink coffee … Dolce far niente. And I like to get things done first and then everything else. Back when I only worked with buyers, both Marni and Vionnet were surprised by this style of work, but now everyone is used to it.


During the working day, sometimes you want to eat. I always carry gluten-free cookies in my purse in case my body craves something sweet. It's no secret that when you go in for sports, you want to eat all the time. However, I follow the diet: fish, fruits, vegetables are the main diet, but there may be variations. At the same time, there is no gluten, lactose, nothing too fat.


Lunch on weekdays goes differently: I can go to it either with colleagues, or with my husband, or with journalists and partners. I try to eat something nutritious during lunch: a salad with fish, beans, or gluten-free pasta. Eating like this is not difficult in Milan: there are many places where you can order light food, not to mention the amazing quality of the food.


Soon we are moving to a new office, we are growing: a lot of space is needed for creativity. Sometimes I can work from home too: I have a separate workplace - there is a table and moodboards. To be honest, when a collection is created, moodboards are filled with everything - both at home and in the office.



We work until 17.00, but I ask the staff to always stay in touch. This does not mean that I overwhelm them with work overtime: I just like it when we can discuss something online or quickly respond to a request. I myself always try to be in touch with clients, I do not allow myself to be "out of access" - this is my own business. Holidays in Russia and Italy do not coincide, and I always take this into account: even in August, when there are widespread vacations in Italy, we work and answer calls.


Time for an Italian aperitif. For 20 years now I have been living in the beautiful artistic district of Brera in the heart of Milan, where this Italian habit is felt especially strongly. One square meter has an incredible number of bars, cafes and ice cream makers, where by 7 o'clock students of the Academy of Arts (which I was 20 years ago), tourists, local residents of this intellectual area gather at. And we often meet with friends for a glass of spumante to discuss the day and "catch up" the appetite before dinner. My neighborhood neighbors: Franca Sotsiani, Anna Dello Russo, Viviana Volpicella, Luisa Beccaria, Giorgio Armani. With him many years ago, when I was still working at Dolce & Gabbana, we often met in the morning when he also went to the office. "Buongiorno, Maestro!


I live next to Piccolo Teatro and La Scala, so I often go to both. Recently I watched a ballet with Roberto Bolle. By the way, Svetlana Zakharova ("etoile" of the Teatro alla Scala and Bolle's partner - editor's note) was our guest when she just started dancing on the Milan stage. Now in Milan there are a lot of exhibitions, festivals, all kinds of art venues, and although the artists say that it is difficult to break through, it is interesting for me to observe all this. Coming to Moscow, I also always try to see something new. For example, today I am going to the Theater of Nations for "Marriage" with Ksyusha Sobchak and Maxim Vitorganov in the lead roles - this is the last performance this season.



We don't often have dinner at home, because in my Milan apartment I have practically no kitchen: only a small space with a mini-fridge. There I can cut a salad or bake fish and vegetables in the oven - this is enough for the two of us. My husband has a positive attitude to the fact that I'm not standing at the stove: why, he says, do I need a cook? And although in my country house my kitchen is organized according to all the rules, all the same cooking does not take much time: I cook for pleasure. I love Italian cuisine because it is simple, tasty and healthy. In summer, my favorite dish is salad: I cook a lot of them and different ones, here I have complete freedom of imagination, just like when creating collections. In winter, pumpkin soup. I have a secret: the pumpkin should be baked in the oven with a sprig of rosemary and only then crushed in a blender - so the soup will have a "home" smell like from the oven.


If I do not have evening meetings, I try to go to bed before 23.00, because I get up early. In my free time I read, look through albums, magazines: I buy a lot of books and subscribe to publications about art. I am currently reading a book about 1970s American fashion history. Cinematography is also inspiring: I recently saw the film "Gattaca" with Uma Thurman, and I was hooked by this futuristic concept.


On weekends in the summer we go to our summer cottage in Oltrepo Pavese, near Milan: this place is called "little Tuscany" - there are hills and continuous vineyards. I love to spend time there and invite friends to our house. 20 years ago, when my future husband and I just met, we traveled a lot of islands and exotic countries. But at some point I realized that I didn't know my beloved country well. Now we just take a car and drive, without planning anything in advance, and to places where there are few tourists. And for a planned trip, there are simply no better companions than my friends Sasha Terekhov and Misha Druyan. The last time we went to New Zealand for three weeks - it was incredible: we flew helicopters over endless green valleys, climbed volcanoes, watched whales from a height, swam with dolphins in the sea.The first time I saw the night bird kiwi and the possum animal, from the wool of which the most incredibly warm sweaters and scarves are knitted. Misha, of course, is an excellent organizer, there is nothing to say. Recently we met with friends in Berlin for a 6-hour performance by Dmitry Chernyakov. Last week, my husband and I went to Oslo to see Swan Lake in an absolutely stunning production by Alexander Ekman - I bought the tickets in six months.

We are grateful to the Fahrenheit restaurant and TSUM for their help in filming


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