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Light And Music: Interview With Composer Igor Vdovin
Light And Music: Interview With Composer Igor Vdovin

Video: Light And Music: Interview With Composer Igor Vdovin

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Two branches with the participation of Russian and foreign performers, video art and unusual venues - this is the principle behind the monthly festival of new music SOUND UP.

The third concert will take place on May 24 in Hall No. 3 of the Russian State Library, closed for reconstruction - reading tables for one evening will become auditoriums, a stage will be erected under Lenin's sculpture, and the walls prayed by graduate students will be covered with a light performance from the capital's team of multimedia set designers Sila Sveta. Video art is inspired by manuscripts and sheet music from the archive of the RSL - it's useless to describe them in words: you have to see it.

The program of the May concert includes an electronic-acoustic set from the German composer Martin Kolsted and the premiere of the album by the Petersburg composer Igor Vdovin, who started with Sergei Shnurov in the Leningrad group, and later gained fame, replacing ska-chanson with electronic and academic music. Someone knows Vdovin as the author of music for the best examples of Russian art house - the films “The Goddess: How I Loved” by Renata Litvinova, “Garpastum” by Alexei German Jr., “Rusalka” by Anna Melikyan, to someone after working on the musical accompaniment shows by Denis Simachev and Zemfira's album "Vendetta". Harper's Bazaar ART met with Igor Vdovin on the eve of the Moscow premiere of his fourth solo album "24".


Composer Igor Vdovin in Reading Room No. 3 of the Russian State Library

Igor, what do you think about the idea of ​​making a concert in the reading room?

The place is great, and the idea belongs to the organizers of the Sound Up festival - Zhenya Lassar and Veronica Belousova - and I like it extremely. I am in favor of concerts, ballets, exhibitions and other cultural events taking place in unexpected and extraordinary places - there is a sense of celebration in this.

How do you like the local acoustics?

It seems to me that it can be either wild, violent, fantastically cool, or everything will mix into a complete mess. I still hope for the first, but we will finally find out on Tuesday. I think that all this will not be very dull, and the audience will like it.

Why don't you go on stage yourself? And what motivated the choice of the performer - the famous pianist Peter Aidu?

I lack the technical brilliance to perform my music. And Peter, firstly, is a recognized virtuoso of his craft, a laureate of international competitions, and secondly, I personally like him as a musician and creative unit. He recorded an extremely rarely performed composer for whom it is very difficult to tune the instrument - I.A.Vyshnegradskiy, one played Steve Reich's piece Piano Phase on two pianos, which was written for two people. It's cool, Aidu is a real avant-garde artist.

Will the Moscow premiere of your new album "24" take place within the framework of the festival?

Right. Prior to that, the album was presented only in St. Petersburg, in the small hall of the D.D.Shostakovich Academic Philharmonic Society in 2012.

How to correctly define the genre boundaries of your music?

Let's genrely limit this to contemporary instrumental music. There is a certain claim to being academic, the very form of twenty-four preludes obliges. The titles of the pieces are also classic for this cycle - by key: G minor, E major, C sharp minor, and so on.

Do you think there is a demand for academic music today? It seems that everyone is already tired of electronic music, techno and are gradually returning to their roots, to the classics?

Unfortunately, I rarely go to concerts because I love listening to music at home. But, for example, to my surprise, at the same concert in the Philharmonic in St. Petersburg there was a full house - despite the fact that the format was absolutely traditional, without installations. Apparently, people need it - and I'm just glad.

Will you come to the concert yourself on the 24th?

Yes. True, on this day I play in the play "Rebels" by Alexander Molochnikov at the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov, for which I also wrote music. But I love to hear a good performance of my music, and tomorrow it will be good.

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