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Grand Cafe “Dr. Zhivago "

Milk mushrooms, mushrooms, porcini and forest mushrooms play the main role in the Lenten menu of Maxim Tarusin, the chef of “Dr. Zhivago”, which proved to Moscow gourmets that traditional Russian cuisine can be unusual. For Lent, he prepared a special ingredient - soy sour cream, an excellent substitute for mayonnaise and sour cream made from cow's milk. On the new side in “Dr. Zhivago”also went to cereals: pumpkin, porcini mushrooms and tarragon were added to the millet, and pickled cucumbers and radishes were added to the pearl barley. The fruit of the chef's fantasy on the theme of a lean dish with bright flavor notes - cabbage rolls with mushrooms and pumpkin, together with truffle and lemon grass.

White rabbit

Vladimir Mukhin, Chef at White Rabbit, approached the lean menu with imagination. Meat lovers will appreciate mushroom sausages and earthen pear cutlets with soaked plum sauce, while persimmon and tofu ravioli with pumpkin seeds will serve as a lean substitute for cakes and sweets.


Have a nice day

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle know firsthand about the cafe on the fifth floor of Tsvetnoy and appreciate Have A Nice Day for its scrupulous approach to preparing the right food. It would seem that the main menu of the institution corresponds to the precepts of Great Lent as well as possible, but the cafe team decided not to limit themselves to familiar positions, adding to the menu a green salad with avocado with tarragon sauce, rolls with vegetable tartar, salad with spinach and berries with raspberry-poppy sauce and sushi with pumpkin and avocado.

Haggis Pub & Kitchen

If you hesitate to join the ranks of the fasting because of the reverent attitude towards desserts, then your time has come. A lean variation of a chocolate-cherry pie, a lean strudel stuffed with lingonberries - Dmitry Zotov's team took care of connoisseurs of sweets. The equally attractive main courses, for example, potato pancakes with ratatouille and avocado-based cream, eggplant steak with wild rice and tarragon, or perlotto with mushrooms and asparagus, will help you stay on your chosen course at the gastronomic pub on Petrovka. And, of course, the menu was not without a signature haggis (national Scottish giblet dish) in a light vegetarian version.


Marbled celery paired with beetroot butter and caramelized nuts, baked pepper soup and pomegranate and beetroot dessert ravioli - the lean dishes at Sixty will not be easy to abandon even those far from church traditions. Chef Rustam Tangirov, known for his ability to turn dishes into objects of art, has thought out a boring vegetable menu based on a non-standard combination of flavors. For those who are tired of the usual cereals, Sixty offers another source of slow carbohydrates - spelled with porcini mushrooms.

Kutuzovsky 5

Chef Artem Losev again turns to historical publications, interpreting old recipes in a new way. So, in the Lenten menu Kutuzovsky 5 appeared pearl barley soup with mushrooms, pear jelly and semolina cooked in almond milk - a dessert that can change your attitude to porridge, hated in childhood.


Zotman Pizza Pie

The chef of small Italy on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Dmitry Zotov, has made a special lean menu for those who cannot live without crispy pizza, tender risotto and linguini al dente (preferably with thick sauce). Positions with imagination - from herb-flavored porcini mushroom pasta to a light carrot version of coconut milk veloute to ravioli stuffed with pineapple and kiwi slices - will keep you positive for the 48 days of Lent.

Cafe Pushkin

To keep the spirits up until the end of April, the restaurant's menu will feature both special snacks, first and hot courses, and lean desserts, fresh fruits and berries. The names of the dishes are no less attractive than their components - for example, “pills with cranberry elixir”, “crumbly porridge of buckwheat with white fungi” or “peeled pearl barley with tomato and boletus”.



As you know, Great Lent not only purifies one's thoughts, but also has a beneficial effect on health. The special menu in Selfie is the best confirmation of this. Soup from fresh vegetables and sweet roots, salad from sweet pumpkin and soaked peaches, baked plums with prune meringues - a real charge of vitamins and nutrients.

China Club

Fasting becomes much more enjoyable if the list of restrictions does not include vanilla pears with apple snow and cheesecake with coconut milk. To facilitate your experience, China Club offers both a special lean menu, designed by chef Andrey Likhachev, which includes vegetarian options for famous Asian and European dishes, as well as a number of animal-free items from the light "Green Menu" of the founder of the healthy lifestyle website How To Green and the daughter of the famous restaurateur Alexandra Novikova. For example, zucchini linguini with tom yam sauce or lean creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup with baked pumpkin.


A menu that will help you not only survive, but fall in love with the time of spiritual enlightenment - Turandot Chef Dmitry Eremeev has masterfully coped with this task. Fifteen specialties include cold snacks and salads, vegetable rolls, soups, lean hot dishes and even desserts. Among the most attractive are baked eggplant with chili and garlic, avocado tartare, vegetable tempura and lean panna cotta with molecular strawberries.

Honest cuisine

In the restaurant on Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya you will not face the difficulty of choosing between the compliance of the dish with the canons of Great Lent and its gastronomic appeal. Sweet Argentine shrimp carpaccio with lime juice, a mixture of aromatic greens, ginger and chili, airy puree with Kamchatka crab meat, spicy salsa and coconut milk - chef Sergey Eroshenko proves in practice that fasting can be delicious. To round off the lean dinner, the chef offers caramelized pineapple slices marinated in mint sauce, and coconut panna cotta paired with orange brew.

Balzi rossi

Balzi Rossi's lean menu includes hearty items such as pumpkin soup with grilled tofu, salted almonds and spinach, fried polenta with oyster mushrooms and artichokes, rice noodles with vegetables, allo-olio-peperoncino spaghetti and a dish called Illusion filet mignon "- the latest Italian chef Emanuel Mongilo creates with daikon, quinoa and vegetable stew. All dishes (including dessert) are traditionally the same: after the main gastronomic masterpieces, we try warm fruit soup with blancmange made from coconut and almonds.

45 parallel

The chef of the "45th Parallel" Regis Trigel, who every evening shows guests a trip around the world in just one dinner, does not deviate from the concept of the restaurant even in the Lenten menu. Seven dishes created according to Regis's recipes can be transferred to the sunny coast of Italy, to the very heart of Ukraine, China, or to the Land of the Rising Sun. The Italian part of the lenten menu is represented by minestrone with rice paste, tomato soup with the self-explanatory name Pappa al Pomodoro combined with fresh ginger and healthy green risotto with spinach, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds. Ukrainian stew with apple and asparagus is served on potato dranika, and Chinese wok made of carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and citrus fruits is served with fried tofu.



The restaurant, famous for its author's approach to primordial Slavic recipes, could not ignore the Orthodox holiday. Fourteen items, which will please everyone who is not indifferent to Russian cuisine, prove that a lean menu can be interesting and varied. For a hot meal, depending on the intricacies of your lean diet, you can order beef flank, vegetable cabbage rolls or baked perch. Chef Elena Nikiforova offers bird cherry cake as a lean dessert.

Mark and Leo

Following a good tradition, to create a lean menu, the team of Mark and Lev restaurants is inspired by the family vegetarian recipes of the Polenovs - the family of Vasily Polenov, a master of Russian landscapes. During Lent, guests of restaurants on Rublevka and Privolye can taste downy carrot cutlets with sea buckthorn sauce, baked potatoes with salted milk mushrooms and a real Russian mannik, which is served here with dense red currant jelly.

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