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5 Italian Films Worth Seeing
5 Italian Films Worth Seeing
Video: 5 Italian Films Worth Seeing
Video: 5 Italian films to watch (Italian audio) 2023, February

If you sigh heavily, recalling a delightful vacation in the sunny homeland of Sophia Loren and Gelato, we suggest you remember another pride of Italy - dramatic and emotional cinema. In the first week of spring, the festival with the romantic name "From Venice to Moscow" will traditionally show the best films of the year, created by Italians: the program included films shown at the 72nd Venice Film Biennale - in the main competition, in the non-competition section, in Horizons, "Days of Authors" and "Week of Criticism".

Connoisseurs of Italian drama can rejoice: sentimental and touching films, imbued with the flavor of an amazing country, will be shown in the Illusion cinema in the original language with Russian subtitles throughout the week of the festival. Here are five not to be missed participating films.

Harry's Bar

Director: Carlotta Cercuetti

The documentary by Carlotta Cercuetti is an ode to the iconic bar near Venice's Piazza San Marco. If you've never heard of Harry's Bar, immediately go to the cinema to correct this misunderstanding. Here's an unbreakable argument: Charlie Chaplin, Ernest Hemingway and Truman Capote, the very writer who gave the world the story of Breakfast at Tiffany's, were regulars.

March 3, 21:30


Do not be evil

Director: Claudio Caligari

Firstly, “Don't Be Evil” is a strong drama that fills with conflicting emotions, and secondly, the film has already been recognized as the best film at the Venice Film Festival, and also won an Oscar for the best film in a foreign language from Italy. The tape tells the story of the complex and confusing life of twenty-year-old Vittorio and Cesare, young residents of Ostia in 1995, thirsting for highs and pleasure, living on their last breath. “Don't Be Evil” is the last film by the master of drama, Claudio Caligari: the director died before the film's triumph.

March 3, 19:00

For your love

Director: Giuseppe M. Gaudino

On the opening night, we are invited to be transported to Naples, filled with oddities and hallucinations. The heroine named Anna, working as a teleprompter, does not feel joy at all and is struggling to return to a bright and eventful life. Everyone who is looking for an answer to the eternal question about the meaning of life and the search for happiness should watch the tape.

March 1, 20:00


Big splash

Director: Luca Guadagnino

The first reason to plan a trip to the ironic detective Guadagnino is the love of Tilda Swinton, which is felt by many, many. The second - it is not so often given the opportunity to see a bold tape in the style of aesthetic erotic pop art. Despite the familiar plot (the film is a remake of Jacques Dere's melodrama Pool), the story of a rocker who has lost the ability to sing is revealed in a new light thanks to Guadagnino's imagination and the skill of the actors.

March 5, 19:00

Sheep in the grass

Director: Alberto Cavilla

The story of the kidnapped artist will make you laugh through your tears. Cavigli's sparkling comedy, stylized as a documentary, tells the story of the disappearance of a certain Leonardo Dzuliani - an artist, anti-Semite and fashion designer all rolled into one. Bold, funny and topical - three adverbs that perfectly characterize "Sheep in the grass".

March 4, 19:00


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