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February 14 In Moscow Restaurants
February 14 In Moscow Restaurants

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There is only one day left until Valentine's Day: it's time to finish writing valentines and to develop a script for a romantic evening. Choosing a restaurant where it is best to confess your feelings - both for food and, of course, for your soul mate!

Confectionery "Cafe Pushkin"

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 26A

Desserts for lovers from the Cafe Pushkin Confectionery and Pastry Chef Damien Pishioneri. Mon amour - a flaming heart that combines vanilla cream and pecan sponge cake with white chocolate and creamy caramel - or a white chocolate box containing mango marmalade, pistachio caramel, cherry truffle and many other delicious sweets?

Black thai

Address: Bolshoy Putinkovskiy lane, 5

Another perfect romantic dessert will be served at the Black Thai restaurant: a raspberry mousse based on yogurt, white chocolate and raspberries is what you need to properly end the evening, which, by the way, will be accompanied by DJ Existence.



Address: Smolenskaya Square, 3

Who knows more about love than Italians? At the Luciano restaurant, guests will find a menu compiled in accordance with all dolce vita laws: do not limit yourself to the standard pizza-pasta set and boldly order dorada with ripe tomato sauce and veal liver in Venetian style - then you can be one hundred percent sure that the evening will be remembered.


Address: Smolenskaya Square, 3

Ilya Zakharov, the chef of the pan-Asian gastronomy bureau Zodiac, is sure: there is nothing more romantic (and tastier!) Than a dessert with several types of chocolate, which could be easily divided for two. As for drinks, it was decided to turn them in honor of Valentine's Day … into sorbets! Golden rum with mango and jasmine, pisco with acai liqueur and blueberries, sparkling with peach and cardamom - we bet that after such ice cream it will be much easier to confess your feelings.

Probka on Tsvetnoy

Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2

On February 13 and 14, Aram Mnatsakanov's restaurant will have a very attractive price for oysters - they will be served for only 390 rubles apiece. However, not all shellfish: be sure to try the Heart of Tuscany dessert, created by the chef Antonio Freza especially for Valentine's Day. A sweet heart-shaped masterpiece covered with glaze and served with white chocolate mousse, baked peanuts and strawberries. We suspect that it will not be easy to resist such a dessert!

Brasserie Bridge

Address: Kuznetsky Most, 6/3, building 3

And again about the sweet. The chef of Brasserie Most Régis Trigel prepared for guests chocolate truffles decorated with gilded hazelnuts and two types of tartlets with berry mousses - such a romantic set you will definitely want to share with your other half.


Address: Bolshaya Yakimanka, 22

The Mushrooms restaurant justifies its name one hundred percent - and this applies not only to food, but also to drinks. Chef bartender Vladimir Prokofiev prepared two special cocktails for the holiday at once: whiskey sour with a subtle smoked chanterelle and nutmeg flavor, as well as an unusual moonshine with the aroma of porcini mushrooms. For a complete picture, it remains only to solemnly invite your soul mate "for mushrooms"!


Anatoly Komma Restaurant

Address: "Barvikha Luxury Village", 8th km of Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway

For lovers (and not only) guests, Anatoly Komm has prepared a jazz concert and an excellent author's set menu: salmon tartare in a crispy cone, duck breast with pickled quince, pear, plum and lettuce, a trio of baked mussels, oysters and grape snails, calf rack in Moroccan spices … should we continue?

Fahrenheit and Orange 3

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 26A

In addition to the three-course set menu, guests of both restaurants will have a draw for trips to Sochi's Dolina 960 and Solis Suites hotels. Be sure to get involved: on Valentine's Day, miracles happen as often as on New Year's.

Madame wong

Address: Lesnaya street, 7

We are not sure that the pirate queen Madame Wong, after whom the restaurant on Lesnaya Street is named, was a romantic woman - the leader of thugs is clearly not up to love exploits. And yet, on February 14th, Madame Wong guests will find many pleasant surprises - from flower-shaped shrimp dim sums to chocolates with strawberry puree.


Address: Lotte Hotel Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, 8

Anyone who cannot imagine a festive dinner without music should go to the MENU restaurant: on the evening of February 14, guests will find a special program.

Saxon + Parole

Address: Spiridonyevsky per., 12/9

From 11:00 to 14:00, Saxon + Parole will host a New York Brunch from Brand Chef Brad Fermery and Chef Alexander Proshenkov. We especially recommend Harlem waffles with chicken as a main course: you will definitely not find such waffles in Moscow anymore. Well, for dessert - a light pudding made from chia seeds, pumpkin seed oil and coconut milk.

Cafe Russe

Address: The Ritz-Carlton, Tverskaya street, 3

An ideal place for a long romantic dinner: on Valentine's Day, they will serve platter of fish, grilled beef with porcini mushrooms and sorbet with red berry sauce and vanilla crumbs. In addition, guests will find a music program and a lottery, the main prize of which is a romantic weekend at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the capital.



Address: Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1/15

The bar-manager of the Muesli restaurant, Andrei Dolotkazin, has prepared for his guests a pair cocktail with the promising name “Love for Two”. For her, a light combination of yoghurt liqueur, lychee puree and cherry foam. For him - a more serious mix of lingonberry liqueur, sherry and lemon juice. However, you can also exchange drinks (and not only for the sake of coquetry!).


Address: Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow, Kutuzovskiy prospect, 2/1

On February 14, the BIGGIE restaurant will host the Donskoy Picnic with the Chef. We will not reveal all the cards, let's just say that all guests, without exception, will receive a compliment from the establishment - a fondue made from farm cheeses with freshly baked bread and cauliflower.

Grand cru

Address: Malaya Bronnaya, 22

This year, the brand-chef of the Grand Cru restaurant, Adrian Ketglas, approached the celebration of Valentine's Day with all seriousness and for the first time created a special set menu for the establishment. Sea bass tartare with passionfruit, red mullet fillet, pork cheeks, strawberry and chili salsa with tea rose ice cream - here you will find the right wine for each dish.


Address: Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1

Christian advises not to be limited to a chamber dinner tete-a-tete: here they are sure that Valentine's Day should be celebrated with the whole family! Therefore, until the evening, the restaurant will treat you to traditional homemade punch made by the family of chef Christian Lorenzini, and will also organize a creative workshop on making felt and felt hearts - both adults and children will be able to take part in it.

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