Love Weekend At The Turandot Restaurant
Love Weekend At The Turandot Restaurant

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Contrary to all signs, the celebration of Valentine's Day should start on Saturday: this way a romantic weekend can become the most intense and memorable. For those wishing to bypass all the places of power in the capital, we suggest including Turandot in their itinerary: there, on February 13 and 14, lovers will receive special brunches dedicated to the most wonderful feeling in the world. Floral arrangements, desserts, and a special menu with seafood will help to tell about love - in a word, everything that will appear in the restaurant for just two days.

For the main evening, chef Dmitry Eremeev also developed a special set menu: it included Japanese salad with grilled sushi and octopus, Turandot dim sum, Chinese beef in black pepper sauce, Lovers hearts dessert and other festive dishes. You can taste them to the accompaniment of the well-known guests of the restaurant, the Romeo Therapy group and the singer Anastasia Glavatskikh, who will perform at Turandot on 14 February.

By the way, Turandot welcomes the color red in clothes and accessories: our guide to the best dresses for Valentine's Day is addressed to everyone who wants to comply with this wish.

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