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Must-see In Moscow: 3 Exhibitions In February
Must-see In Moscow: 3 Exhibitions In February

Video: Must-see In Moscow: 3 Exhibitions In February

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Erwin Olaf. Hommage Louis Galle "

From February 24 to April 24, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

The renowned Dutch photographer takes on a remake of the painting "Last Honors to the Remains of the Counts of Egmont and Horn": this is how the heroes depicted by the 19th century Belgian artist Louis Galle - aristocrats and members of the Brussels Guild of Crossbow Shooters decapitated during the revolution - go digital. To revive an episode from the history of the second half of the 16th century, Erwin Olaf is taken with the help of stylists and designers - the latter monitor the exact correspondence of the entire entourage to the Belgian fashion of that time. One of the versions of the original painting, which is kept in the collection of the Pushkin Museum, will be shown along with numerous modern interpretations, filmed in 2012 at the castle van Haasbeck.


Erwin Olaf. "Last honors to the remains of the Counts of Egmont and Horn", 2012. Digital printing. Van Haasbeck Castle, Belgium.

Soviet modernism: the phenomenon of culture and design of the twentieth century

From February 20 to March 31, Heritage

Heritage, the only gallery in Russia that deals with collectible Western and Soviet design and participated in the influential Design Miami /, has prepared itself for its 8th anniversary: ​​in two weeks we will have an exhibition of Soviet modernism. The organizers talk about this phenomenon of culture and design of the twentieth century using the example of simple, functional and aesthetically beautiful chairs and tables, as well as contemporary works of art - along with Soviet furniture, the gallery will show paintings, graphics and photographs by Oleg Tselkov, Georgy Petrusov, Anatoly Zverev and other artists of the 1960s.

Armchairs - "shells". USSR, 1960s

The Cal: Pirelli Calendar 2016. Annie Leibovitz

From February 10 to March 6, Multimedia Art Museum

The 43rd Pirelli calendar amazed the world: Annie Leibovitz chose the images of real women, worthy of attention regardless of age and figure, to ideal naked bodies of models. You can see portraits of Patti Smith, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and other heroines of her shooting as part of the XI International Month of Photography in Moscow: at the 2016 Photobiennale, the Multimedia Art Museum will display Leibovitz's works until early spring.


Yao Chen for the 2016 Pirelli calendar.Photo: Annie Leibovitz

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