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Must-see In Moscow: January 3 Exhibitions
Must-see In Moscow: January 3 Exhibitions

Video: Must-see In Moscow: January 3 Exhibitions

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While the exhibition of Ernst Neizvestny continues in the Manege (another necessary item in the January “Soviet” program), three big discoveries await us in the next ten days: The State Tretyakov Gallery closes Serov's retrospective and begins a story about the brutal Soviet painter Tair Salakhov, … brothers Lumiere recalls the most colorful moments in the life of Soviet students, and the Institute of Russian Realistic Art brings from Italy a major exhibition "Russia on the Road".

Russia on the way

Institute of Russian Realistic Art, from January 26

After the brilliant showing of the Russia on the Road exhibition. 1920 - 1990 in the Roman Palazzo delle Esposizioni masterpieces by Deineka, Labas, Pimenov, Samokhvalov and other authors of the last century can be seen in Moscow. Almost a century-old history of transport in Russian art is glorified primarily by the artists of the sixties, whose works were previously hidden from the rest of the world by the “iron curtain”. By plane, by train or by car - these modes of transportation were primarily related to travel within the country, the technical progress of which was praised by prominent Soviet authors. Painting and graphics with an obvious lyrical beginning will evoke a new wave of feelings for the art of socialist realism: behind the propaganda component imagined by the West, there is a genuine interest in the world around and a magnificent artistic style.

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