New Location: Touche 'wine Bar & Kitchen
New Location: Touche 'wine Bar & Kitchen

Video: New Location: Touche 'wine Bar & Kitchen

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It looks like we have another one - and a very significant one! - a reason to call on Rochdelskaya Street as often as possible. On the territory of Trekhgornaya Manufactory, a new wine bar Touche 'wine bar & kitchen has opened, which deserves the closest attention. The main trump cards of the institution are a rich wine list (there are about 250 items, 25 of which are poured by glass) and an excellent menu: the chef Taras Kiriyenko staked on the timeless classics, presented, however, in his author's interpretation.

For the ideological inspirer of the bar, a graduate of the Ragout school Larisa Mamedova, it was essential to make Touche 'wine bar & kitchen convenient for long friendly gatherings, and that is why there are many snacks on the menu that can be ordered on the table for a large company (we especially recommend steamed buns with beef and homemade aioli). Well, if you want to take a piece of Touche 'wine bar & kitchen home, go to the nearby store number 22 and grab your favorite takeaway dishes.



roast beef with lentils, baked pepper and grapefruit

Scallops with oyster mushrooms, bonito and chum salmon

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