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Olga Aleksandrova: "Our Brand Is For Girls Who Do Not Forget About Femininity Even While Playing Sports"
Olga Aleksandrova: "Our Brand Is For Girls Who Do Not Forget About Femininity Even While Playing Sports"

Video: Olga Aleksandrova: "Our Brand Is For Girls Who Do Not Forget About Femininity Even While Playing Sports"

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The sportswear brand Sport Angel has existed for only six months, but has already managed to win the hearts of not only girls who regularly visit the gym, but also lovers of long walks in the city and parks. Minimalistic looks that emphasize the dignity of the female figure, patterns and pleasant fabrics - this is what distinguishes Olga Alexandrova's brand. By the way, the founder of Sport Angel, before launching this or that crop-top or bodysuit model, personally tests samples and gives them her own quality assessment. This approach is rare and therefore highly praiseworthy. Taking into account the popularity of athleisure in fashion, we couldn't help but ask Olga about her Sport Angel brand. And at the same time they asked Olga, an inveterate sports fan, together with the coach of the World Class "City of Capitals" Dmitry Razuvaev to show five basic crossfit exercises that can diversify any workout.

Why did you decide to start designing sportswear, because there are so many large monopolies in this market?

I agree, but it's easy for me to answer this question. When we started to disassemble the USP (uniqueness of the trade proposal - Ed.), That is, to disassemble the collections of large brands in detail, we noticed some kind of cloning. For example, in the color palette. You can also notice a bias towards androgyny. For example, there is a marathon, there is a boy and there is a girl, but it is difficult to distinguish them visually: their sportswear does not give out any gender at all. The Sport Angel brand was created primarily for interesting girls who do not forget about femininity even while playing sports. They are working on their figure, but at the same time they want to look attractive and bright in the hall. The second, but no less important reason for my desire to create clothes was a trip to America. At the age of 30, I visited the States, lived there for a while, and realizedthat here, in Moscow, people lack light, sea, sports, ocean. I just wanted to bring in all these bright colors in the form of a design, so that people somehow motivate themselves more to play sports.


Burpee: 1. Take a squat position with palms on the floor in front of you. 2. Jump back with your feet, your torso should be in the same position as for push-ups. 3. Do a push-up from the floor. 4. Without pausing, return to the squat position. 5. Jump up as high as possible, stretch your arms up, or clap over your head.

What have you been doing before?

For the last five years she has worked in securities, finance and foreign exchange markets. The last place of work was the financial block of the Alfa Group, where I held the position of deputy head of one of the departments.

How old is the brand?

The idea was born in January 2015, we started the actual implementation in October. At the moment we are six months old. The internet boutique has been open since June 1, 2016.

Do you yourself participate in all processes, for example, choose the fabric?

Previously, for me, the process of creating a collection consisted of such stages as creating a preliminary sketch, then there was a search for fabrics for a particular image, coordination of samples, and only then it was possible to evaluate the result. But now it happens that the image is drawn after I have had a personal "conversation" with the fabric - when I saw and felt it. I don’t know how adaptive this story is to the design world.

Jumping: 1. Stand next to the curbstone, do not spread your feet too wide. You can even put them together in the starting position. 2. Push off the floor with both feet and jump onto the box - keep your knees inward and place your feet parallel to each other when you jump onto the box and when you jump off it. 3. Do not round your back, flexion of the body occurs in the hip joint. 4. Return to the starting position: either by lowering the left and right legs alternately to the floor, or by jumping off with two legs.

What fabrics do you use?

Different, but our microfiber is something unique. I have never experienced such a tactile sensation from any brand. Of course, I test all samples on myself first. I remember the incredible sensation of touching our fabrics when I put on Sport Angel leggings for fitting. Someone is looking for themselves in nanotechnology, someone, on the contrary, saves and uses Chinese knitwear, but for us quality comes first.

What are the main trends in sportswear now?

The main trend is the relevance of a sports kit even in the city, at parties and during the daytime. In New York, Los Angeles, girls calmly walk in hoodies, tops and leggings and at the same time look stylish. I think it's great that we move away from heavy glamorous stories and bring our true image to the fore - of who we are. And Sport Angel just tells and shows how to adapt sports images to everyday life and be yourself.


Traster: 1. In the initial position, the legs should be shoulder-width apart, the lower back should be slightly bent and tense, the bar should be placed on the shoulders. Your hands should be on the barbell, shoulder-width apart, and your elbows should be pushed forward. 2. Keeping the position of the head and chest in a vertical plane on the same line, take the pelvis back and lower into a deep squat, while the pelvis should be below the knees. 3. From this lower point, it is necessary to make a sharp rise of the body to the starting position with the maximum possible speed, simultaneously throwing the barbell above the head. 4. After some delay in movement at the highest point, you must return to the starting position. 5. Perform a series of these movements at the highest possible speed for yourself, without stopping.

Which of the Sport Angel collections can you wear everyday?

Definitely crop tops! We make our clothes so that the buyer covers the maximum number of needs. When a girl enters the Sport Angel online store, she finds everything: not only pure fitness, but also clothes in which she can get to the gym, kits in which she can spend the day or go on a trip. Therefore, we have made two lines: the first is Sport Angel, clothing that is more focused on sports, and the second, Sport in the City, is more suited to the lifestyle in the metropolis. For example, the SITC line has leggings (we call them longs), which have a sporty cut, but the fabric is more adapted to the daily rhythm of life. We used a supplex with imitation leather, so you can wear them on your own or wear them under a dress.

You have a clear division in your collection by sport: for TRX, crossfit and running. Why is it so important?

I cannot say that we strongly type clothes for this or that type of training. There are clothes that are more adapted to yoga, as you feel more plastic in them. It is unlikely that it will be convenient to put on some kind of sports bra and perform asanas in it. A looser T-shirt fits here, and we use a knitwear in our collection called "angel skin". Angel Skin is an Italian expensive knitwear, it is so light and imperceptible that when you do exercises in any place: in the gym or outdoors, you feel in union with the inner and outer world. For strength training, as you know, it is better to use a compression type of clothing, so that additional fixation of the core occurs. We also have such kits. Also in the Sport Angel lines there are bodysuits, crop tops and leggings that are relevant this summer.In our clothes it is pleasant to practice dancing, cycling, yoga, and crossfit. While practicing any kind of sport in our clothes, you can additionally motivate yourself, look aesthetically beautiful and bright.


Kettlebell swing: 1. Feet shoulder-width apart, weight on the heels. 2. Grasp the kettlebell with a closed grip. Keep the body level. 3. Bring your hips back, bend your knees and extend your shoulders forward. Then sharply tense your hips and fix your knees by pushing the kettlebell forward (in one continuous movement, unbending your legs and back, raise the kettlebell on straight arms up), while straightening. 4. Then let the kettlebell return freely to its original position. Do not hold the weight while moving down. As soon as the kettlebell returns to its original position, immediately do the next repetition.


Pull "Sumo" to the chin: 1. Legs slightly wider than shoulders, toes turned outward, feet parallel to the hips. Do not stress your spine during exercise. With your arms straight, bring your hips back and down, push your shoulders forward and take the shell with a closed grip. The hands are spaced apart from each other at the distance of the extended thumbs. 2. While straightening, lift the barbell, but do not load the spine. 3. After straightening, lift your shoulders vigorously, bring the barbell to your chin, keeping your elbows above your hands. 4. To return to the starting position, straighten your arms, lower your shoulders, bring your hips back and down, and extend your shoulders forward until the bar is on the floor. 5. Perform these steps in a consistent and vigorous manner.


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