15 Best Vintage Oscars Dresses
15 Best Vintage Oscars Dresses

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From the sweet looks of Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy and Grace Kelly in the creation of Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head to Halle Berry's bold appearance in a revealing Elie Saab dress, if the Academy Awards were on the list of Best Look for the Red Carpet, these girls would surely join would be their shelves another statuette of an athletic physique. Julia Roberts would also become a constant favorite of our invented nomination: what is one monochrome Valentino dress, in which the owner of a disarming smile won the prize for Best Actress in the film Erin Brockovich (2001).

The key to the perfect image, according to the famous quote from Yves Saint Laurent, lies in the companion with which the girl goes out into the world. Our heroines knew this secret firsthand: in 1991, Cindy Crawford aroused admiration both for the low-cut Versace masterpiece and for its successful compatibility with Richard Gere's tuxedo. At the same time, the satin yellow dress by John Galliano looked especially complimentary on Nicole Kidman in the vicinity of the classic image of Tom Cruise - it was in the starry 1997 for the actor, when, we recall, he received the award for Best Actor in Cameron Crowe's film " Jerry Maguire ". We suggest you refresh your memory of these and other images that have already become historical right now.

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