New Year With "Snob"
New Year With "Snob"

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Video: SNOB desillustration wishes a silent night 2011 and a happy new year! 2022, December

Cozy public readings in the Chocolate Loft, timed to coincide with the release of the new literary issue of Snob, - this is what the guests who gathered for the beginning of the New Year's event and successfully overcame the obstacle in the form of champagne and desserts could find themselves. Writers Tatyana Tolstaya, Maria Golovanivskaya and Alexander Snegirev took part in the creation of a fresh issue on the laconic theme "Bed". The readers' curiosity was both satisfied and fueled: it will not be surprising to see them with "Snob" in the coming holidays. “All our themes come from a subconscious craving for stability,” explained the editor-in-chief of the magazine Sergei Nikolaevich in an invitation to the party. - When everything around so quickly changes and collapses, I really want to catch on to something, to gain, albeit illusory, but stability. And what could be more stable than a bed?"

After reflections on this topic, invariably accompanying the readings of "Snob", the friends and employees of the magazine waited for a chamber concert of the Uma2rman group, who sang songs known by heart: enjoy them, looking at Moscow from the many windows of the loft, and see the old year off in a warm company …

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