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Gucci And Chatsworth House Announce Partnership
Gucci And Chatsworth House Announce Partnership

Video: Gucci And Chatsworth House Announce Partnership

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Video: The Gucci 100 Campaign: Celebrating the House’s Centennial 2023, January

Majestic castles and other architectural objects from the Middle Ages have recently enjoyed unprecedented demand from fashion houses, and it is not surprising: they are the ideal scenery for shows. In the current cruise season, Gucci did not hesitate to "accommodate" in one of the symbols of Great Britain - Westminster Abbey, for which the viewers were immensely grateful: the opportunity to see the main attraction of London without a crowd of tourists, even in such an entourage, is worth a lot.

Following the triumph in the capital of Foggy Albion, the Italian brand continued to expand deep into England and entered into a partnership with the old house of Chatsworth in Derbyshire. Chatsworth House is one of the ten most beautiful palaces in England and keeps many treasures, and its owner, the current Duchess of Devonshire, like the creative director of Gucci, has great trepidation about history, architecture and art. Meanwhile, interest in fashion is in her blood: the previous duchess had a close friendship with the photographer Cecil Beaton, and with enviable regularity appeared in his pictures in incredible outfits.

Over the next three years, Gucci and the aristocratic estate will link joint projects - one is more interesting than the other: an exhibition dedicated to the history of fashion will open in March 2017 (and will last until October), and an advertising campaign for the aforementioned cruise will be filmed in the castle interiors soon collection. What else to expect from this collaboration is not yet known, but there is no doubt that we will see even more collections imbued with English aesthetics.


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