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5 Ways To Stay Fit
5 Ways To Stay Fit

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The temptation to arrange a holiday in everything is greater than ever: few will take care of hand-cooked lunches, hard workouts and beauty rituals in the eventful or, conversely, lazy days of January. At the same time, the first month of the new year is a great period for changes and that very cherished detox to which you can devote part of your free time. Even if you flutter from one family dinner to another, and then manage to run into a play, a party and an important meeting, remember a few rules of healthy eating: you can follow them even at a time when communication with loved ones and the joys of long days off make you forget about such, as it may seem, "secondary" things.

"Yes!" vegetables

For lunch and dinner, use about half of your plate for fresh or cooked vegetables. Be attentive to what lies on the rest of it, and watch the quality of each ingredient: life, like the January holidays, is too short, including for unhealthy and not very tasty food.


More water

6-8 glasses of water a day will remind your body of the best way to quench your thirst. If possible, avoid high-calorie and sugary drinks, but if you still can't resist the caramel cappuccino, continue to diligently replenish the water balance. Tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks do not count!

Don't skip meals

Eat small meals every 3-4 hours, according to nutritionists and health coaches around the world. It is difficult to follow this rule on holidays, but it is possible: if you are visiting, try to refrain from "snacks", comparable to the main meals, and also carry healthy snacks with you - especially if you are traveling.

Cook at home

Definitely the best way to keep track of your diet. Nobody overdoes it with high-calorie, unsafe or unloved ingredients, and you can be sure you did it right. Keep a stock of healthy products in the refrigerator, discover new dishes and delight your loved ones, but without fanaticism: you should not refuse lasagna according to your friends' signature recipe or dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Eat smart

Where, when, and whoever you are with, remember that in the future you may regret your wrong choices more than once, especially if they have been made over and over again. A sensible approach to each meal will not only arouse pride in your efforts, but also give the ease that most celebrators can only dream of.

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