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Role Model: Miranda Kerr
Role Model: Miranda Kerr
Video: Role Model: Miranda Kerr
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Miranda, I’m unlikely to surprise you with an unexpected compliment if I say that you have very beautiful hair. How do you look after them?

Thank you very much! It's always nice to hear kind words. Moreover, I really pay a lot of attention to my hair: I use only proven products (my favorite is the Clear Nutrium 10 line), I do a head massage, I eat right … And I always rinse it with very cold water!


Sure! The technique is as follows: first, wash off the shampoo and conditioner, and then suddenly turn on the cold - not even ice! - water. Try it, then thank me!

What styling do you prefer?

I love it when my hair is slightly raised. She would have always walked this way if it weren't for Flynn (son of Miranda and Orlando Bloom - HB). He constantly strives to remove all hairpins and hairpins from me - he recognizes only loose hair.


Clear Nutrium 10 Nourishing Shampoos & Balm

It turns out that you are growing a real esthete?

Definitely! And what beautiful surprises he gives me! It happens that he comes up, asks to close his eyes and presents some kind oft - for example, a flower. At such moments, I can hardly restrain myself so as not to cry with happiness.

You seem like an absolutely positive person. Do you have a bad mood?

Sure. At such moments, I try to retire and somehow bring myself out of this state. I even came up with a special mantra: “You have a beloved son and loyal friends, they are all happy and healthy. The rest is little things, so stop whining! " And it works, really.

I know that you are a big yoga lover. Does she somehow help to cope with difficulties?

I think yes. In general, the main thing that yoga taught me is the ability to concentrate, to be “here and now”. Earlier, during work, I always worried about how my son was without me. And as soon as I came home in the evening, I began to remember and analyze the events of that day. In general, complete madness!

I am a multifunctional mom. I can do myself a mask, do yoga and play with my son at the same time.

You must have a crazy schedule. Do you manage to find time for practice?

I am a multifunctional mom. (Laughs) I can do a mask for myself, do yoga and play with my son at the same time. But what is really there, I often meditate right in the car on the way to the next shooting! Sometimes it comes to the ridiculous: the driver asks me about something, but I do not react - I just turn off completely. He probably thinks I'm deaf.

Do you have "lazy" days?

Still would! And there is nothing wrong with that - you just need to be kinder towards yourself. Experience shows that bans are a thankless task. As soon as I decide that from now on I will not eat chocolate, then all my thoughts are only about it.

What will you never leave home without?

No lip balm, sunglasses and of course a smile!

Three roles of Miranda Kerr


Last year, Miranda collaborated with Australian singer Bobby Fox on a cover of Elvis Presley's hit You're the Boss.



The porcelain collection for the Royal Albert brand is the result of Kerr's longstanding love for beautiful tableware. By the way, her own garden inspired her to design the service.


The writer

In 2010, Miranda made her debut as an author: in the book Treasure Yourself, the model shares proven recipes for living in harmony with herself.

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