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In my life, fragrances have always occupied a special place. I mean not only perfumery, but in general all the smells around me - for example, the smell of my own house. At any time of the year, my bedroom smells of scented candles Pomegranate Noir, Jo Malone, and when I go on a business trip, be sure to throw a couple of these miracle candles in my suitcase. It is worth lighting them in the hotel - and the temporary abode no longer seems foreign.

The idea that the atmosphere of home comfort can be created anywhere - if there was a desire, I was prompted by perfume guru Frederic Malle. Of course, we talked about smells for the house and how to choose them correctly. The observation that the maestro shared with me during this conversation became a discovery for me: if we can change our own perfume for every day an infinite number of times, then the "home" scent should be the same over the years - this is important from the point view of psychological comfort. “When we are surrounded by one particular smell all the time, we feel safe,” says Mal. He proposed to test this theory using a simple technique: he presented a rubber mat soaked in one of the Frederic Malle scents and asked to put it in the car. I'll be honest: after following all the instructions,I immediately forgot about our conversation. However, after a couple of days I realized that now, opening the door of my own car, I find myself in a zone of absolute comfort. And even while driving I feel much more confident!

“When we are surrounded by one particular smell all the time, we feel safe,” says Frederic Malle.

After that, my discoveries continued under the guidance of Debbie Wilde, Style Director of Jo Malone. Like Mal, Debbie is a proponent of the theory that every home should have its own scent. However, unlike Frederick, she believes that "home perfume" can change depending on the season and type of room. Wilde advised me to put a diffuser with a floral Red Roses scent in the bathroom, with fresh Lime Basil & Mandarin in the dining room, and for the bedroom, leave the one around which I feel most comfortable falling asleep. "How cozy you are!" - exclaimed a friend who had not paid much attention to the situation in my house before. I began to hear similar phrases from all my guests, which finally confirmed me in my thoughts: Debbie's plan worked. By the way, from her own submission, the Jo Malone sachet also "settled" in my suitcase.She also taught me one simple but very effective technique: before setting the table, spray the tablecloths, napkins and pillows on the chairs with Basil & Verbena cologne, and after the guests have seated, spray the same cologne in the air and light candles.

Needless to say, tablecloth and bed linen sprays, candles and diffusers are now firmly established in my apartment? Further - more: once I found myself in the Cosmotheca boutique, where I discovered the Laundress brand. It was created by two girls, well-known fashion experts in America, who are confident that liquids for washing clothes and cleaning the house should not be trivial. My first purchase was Santal 33, a sandalwood and iris-scented Laundry Detergent produced in partnership with Le Labo. He was accompanied by All-Purpose Cleaning concentrate and Dish Detergent dishwashing liquid with eucalyptus and thyme scent. In the same place, in the Cosmotheca boutique, I bought Glass & Mirror Cleaner spray for washing mirrors and windows and Home Spray for home. In general, it was impossible to stop, and most importantly, there was no need.Since then, I continue to observe how the mood of others changes, as soon as they catch the chords of a particular scent in my house. If I light a candle dominated by jasmine, the interlocutor has a feeling of trust, citrus aromas are the best antidepressants, lavender is a powerful relaxant, ginger and eucalyptus help to concentrate. In general, controlling emotions is not as difficult as it seems, and most importantly, it is incredibly pleasant!

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