Bellissima: Bvlgari Exhibition
Bellissima: Bvlgari Exhibition

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Video: BVLGARI - Tribute to femininity – Style Film 2022, December

"Bellissima!" - exclaims the Italian, seeing off the girl of incredible beauty. "Bellissima!" - the artist whispers, drawing the corners of the eyes of the heroine of his portraits. This melodic word denotes pure inspiration intertwined with beauty, which is the most accurate description of the exhibition of colorful works of Italian designers. Opening at Villa Reale in Monza, half an hour from Milan, Bellissima! presents relics from half a century ago, in which Bvlgari jewelry is in a special position. In addition to the iconic Snakes jewelry in the form of snakes in gold and colored enamel, spectators will be shown a rare sautoir from the late 1960s with a pendant made of carved emerald weighing about 300 carats, a platinum necklace from the 1950s and precious rubies.

Previously held in the National Museum of Art of the XXI century in Rome, the exhibition will appear in an updated form. The added section on textiles will be as interesting to explore as the history of Italian jewelery, in which the Bvlgari brand plays a key role, as well as rare photographs and documents. You can see clothes and accessories of such iconic brands as Sorelle Fontana, Emilio Schubert, Fendi, Mila Schön, Fausto Sarli, Gattinoni, and other exhibits at the Villa Reale from September 24 to January 10.

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