Chanel, Fall-winter
Chanel, Fall-winter

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Video: Fall-Winter 2015/16 Ready-to-Wear Show – CHANEL Shows 2022, December

Last day, the majestic space of the Grand Palais was temporarily transformed into a classic Parisian restaurant named after the legendary Gabrielle Chanel. The newly-launched Brasserie Gabrielle, decorated with polished wood, brass fittings and mosaic floors, hosted Chanel's prêt-à-porter show. Karl Lagerfeld tried to make the collection typically French: “If I were French, this approach would be a manifestation of chauvinism and stupidity. But I'm a stranger."

The regulars of the new establishment, as the designer himself calls them, are representatives of the new bourgeoisie. Sometimes these are mesmerizing feminine girls in dress-coats with zippers or flowing tweed. The sleek silhouettes are accentuated by a narrow sash and taper just below the knee. They are also somewhat androgynous persons in short coats worn over white shirts with wide plastrons. The brasserie concept manifests itself in equally attractive details of the collection: a purse that looks like a stacked ceramic saucer, or a skirt on Jamie Bochert, reminiscent of linen napkins. Oversized wool coats, puff-sleeved cardigans and cozy jackets proclaim: Chanel creates clothes for life.

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