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5 Charming French Films Starring Julie Delpy
5 Charming French Films Starring Julie Delpy

Video: 5 Charming French Films Starring Julie Delpy

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Still from the film
Still from the film

Today Julie Delpy turns 51, and we decided to celebrate her anniversary by revising the best films with the actress. In half of them, she also acted as a director, which only adds points to the list of this woman's talents. Delpy's films are uniquely French, wherever the action takes place. Therefore, we recommend them this weekend to anyone nostalgic for Paris and Brittany.

Two days in Paris

A romantic comedy about a couple's relationship set in a Parisian setting: Marion and Jack arrive in the French capital in an attempt to save the relationship. The parents of the main character live here, as well as her ex-boyfriends, which turns the story for the main character into a farce. Interestingly, in this film, Delpy was not only the director and the main actress, but also the screenwriter and even the composer.

Before Sunset

The second film in the trilogy is about lovers who either lose or find each other throughout their lives. This part was filmed in Paris, and there are few places where the city is so strongly felt as one of the main characters. Tears at the end cannot be avoided, so download the first and last picture of the trilogy at once: "Before dawn" and "Before midnight".

Three colors: white

Another film from the cult trilogy: this time by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Polish hairdresser Karol finds himself on the street (we are back in Paris) after divorcing his French wife. Returning to his homeland, he thinks over a plan of revenge on his ex-wife (Delpy), but forgets to take into account that he still loves her.

Vacation by the sea

A great way to plunge into the everyday atmosphere of French families, told without embellishment. This author's film by Delpy is the story of how a large family gathers in Brittany on the occasion of the 67th birthday of their grandmother and turns a festive occasion into a crazy vacation with an endless feast, champagne, songs, dancing and roast lamb.


One of the last films by Delpy, after watching which you start to think about the need to have children. According to the script (which was written by Julie herself), the 19-year-old son of the main character, a middle-aged woman divorced, is trying to do everything possible to destroy her relationship with her long-awaited lover.


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