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Cultural Guide: Things To Do From 18 To 24 December
Cultural Guide: Things To Do From 18 To 24 December

Video: Cultural Guide: Things To Do From 18 To 24 December

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Reflexion (part II)

When: until January 31

Where: Orekhov gallery


We have already talked about the opening of a new gallery and the Reflexion exhibition, timed to coincide with this, and not so long ago, the second part of the exhibition began to be shown there. We strongly insist that time should be allocated for it in such a busy period, since New Year is a holiday associated with childhood, and Reflexion takes us there.

December exhibitions opening

When: December 20

Where: Multimedia Art Museum

B.M. Kustodiev
B.M. Kustodiev

Making plans for the January holidays: this Wednesday four new projects are launched at MAMM at once - “Boris Kustodiev. Photography, painting "," Fyodor Semyonov-Amursky. In the gardens of my imagination”,“War and Peace. At the dawn of photojournalism. 1910s”and“Dedicated to the Victims of Political Repression”.

Samskara Immersive Digital Art Exhibition

When: from December 23 to January 30

Where: Artplay


American artist Android Jones began his career at George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic studio and gained worldwide recognition for his massive installations at the Burning Man festival, interactive projections on the Sydney Opera and Empire State Buildings, and the design of the Grateful Dead's farewell tour. His immersive exhibition will open at the Artplay Design Center, presenting his work in 9 different forms, from video installations and digital paintings to dynamic sculptures and full-dome films.


New Year's Fair "Lambada Market"

When: December 22, 23, 24

Where: Trekhgornaya Manufactory


There are less than two weeks left before the New Year, so if thets have not yet been bought and packaged, it's time to be puzzled by this question. For those who, like me, leave everything at the last moment, the three-day Lambada Market is the ideal way out of the situation. Look for toys, postcards, jewelry, clothes, shoes and much more at Trekhgornaya Manufactory from Friday to Sunday. Details are here.

Concert of Vera Polozkova

When: December 24

Where: 16 tons club


Vera Polozkova finished her tour of Russia and returned to Moscow. Here the poetess will hold her traditional Christmas concert in the 16 tons club. We not only stocked up on tickets, of which there are not so many, but we are already preparing for it, remembering how Alexandra Revenko read Vera's poems for our special project.


A party

When: from December 21

The nominee for this year's Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival is finally out in Russia. The tape tells about a meeting of old friends, at which one of them shares such news that the joy of the audience abruptly changes to anger. What happened at this party and how will it end? The cast, by the way, is very interesting: Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Gantz, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy, Christine Scott Thomas and others.


When: from December 21

Dedicated to the generation of Tinder: a film about a couple who met on the Internet will clearly show that an open relationship, even in the 21st century, is not suitable for everyone. And getting attached to one person is not as bad as many now think, the main thing is to be honest in your desires.


Concert "When the Snow Begins …"

When: December 22

Where: "Helikon-Opera"

Photo: Polina Naboka

The main roles in the New Year's theatrical performance went to students of one of the oldest Moscow choreographic schools - Ksenia Belaya's Studio, and the role of the good fairy fulfilling the wishes of children will be played by Daria Vorokhobko, a former ballet dancer of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, from the Dmitry Brusnikin Workshop. The entire collection from sold tickets will be directed towards scholarships for three talented students who will be able to study in the studio for free next year, and in March 2018 the lucky ones at the open casting will be chosen by the jury.


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