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Cult Guide: Things To Do From 14 To 20 August
Cult Guide: Things To Do From 14 To 20 August

Video: Cult Guide: Things To Do From 14 To 20 August

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Video: Top 10 Things to DO in FLORIDA! 2023, February


Veter Summer Festival

Where: cultural center ZIL

When: 19, 20 August


Do you love summer festivals as much as we love them? If yes, then Veter Summer Festival is a great reason to spend a weekend in Moscow. A food court with twenty street food projects, a flower market, children's activities, master classes, practices, lectures, plus performances by young groups such as MURMUR and Sabotage, and that's not all. Details at

Lexus Hybrid Art: Opening Public Art - Cubed / Uncubed Object

Where: City Square

When: August 16


The theme of the eighth season of Lexus Hybrid Art is hidden art, so the interactive sculpture Cubed / Uncubed created by Viktor Polyakov specially for the exhibition is not as simple as it seems. It shows what is hidden in it, only through a game, to which every spectator is invited - to find out what is inside, you can already on this Wednesday in the City Square.



Where: 16 Tons Club

When: August 18

The main romantic of the Russian scene, Dolphin, released the album "She" last October. The musician has already performed a series of performances with compositions from this disc, and this Friday he will add his favorite works from previous albums to them.


School of Book Review

Where: Strelka Institute

When: 17 August


Strelka is launching a two-week workshop to teach you how to write non-fiction reviews. Speakers include the authors of Afisha Daily, Arzamas, Colta and Bookmate. Classes will be held from August 20 to September 5, and on August 17, the school will open with a public lecture “How to talk about books” with the curator and teachers of the course.

Public talk and training from Olympic champion Margarita Mamun

Where: Museum of Russian Impressionism

When: August 19


To the museum in sports uniform? Why not, if this is a museum of Russian impressionism and their #NotJustMuseum project. Within its framework, there will be a meeting with the Olympic champion Margarita Mamun, who will hold a lesson and public talk. And a pleasant addition to a sports morning for the most persistent will be a visit to the permanent exhibition of the museum and its temporary exhibition “Hobbies. Personal collection of Vladimir Spivakov."


Movie About Movie: Stanley Kubrick

Where: Garage Screen

When: August 15, 16


The Cinema on Cinema: American Cinematography in Faces program, which Garage is running in cooperation with the Documentary Film Center, will showcase the work of Stanley Kubrick, one of the most influential directors of the 20th century. On August 15 we are watching "Room 237", and on the 16th - "Shining

Ghosts of Ismael

When: from 17 August


The plot of this French painting is built around Ismael, who for 20 years has been trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his beloved Carlotta (Marion Cotillard), but during this time another woman appears in his life - Sylvia, whose role is played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. How these two women managed to make friends, Arnaud Deplechin first showed at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, and since August 17, the picture will be released in Russia.

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