Direct Speech: Jennifer Lawrence
Direct Speech: Jennifer Lawrence

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Video: ENGLISH SPEECH | JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Anti-Corruption (English Subtitles) 2022, December

I don’t want to sound rude, but nevertheless I will say: being an actress is stupid. I'm not saving anyone's lives, I'm not breaking into burning buildings - why should I be too proud of myself?

What is better than a slim figure? Well, for example, bread, potatoes and a good steak.

I like the way I look. At least I am the same on screen and in life - this does not always happen!

I will never support a party in my life that does not fight for women's rights. Moreover, I am not very sure that we have made serious progress in this matter, and I will not be silent about it.

The more success you achieve, the more you have to work. No whims and show-off!


I will never go hungry for a role: I don’t want young girls, after watching a film with my participation, to begin to deny themselves food.

As soon as a woman in the company of men begins to express her honest and, perhaps, even harsh opinion, it is considered something supernatural! Why?

Accept yourself as you are. It’s stupid to starve for someone to praise you.

Be strong. And always act according to your conscience.

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