Highlights In Brief: Angelina Jolie
Highlights In Brief: Angelina Jolie

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For some reason, people never do what they really want. And this is awful.

While some girls wanted to be ballerinas, I dreamed of becoming a vampire.

Never judge anyone.

I do not consider myself beautiful and I know all my shortcomings very well. You tell me I'm thin and you think that's cool?

I sometimes hide behind my heroes. Whoever says anything, I am a very private person - fame is not easy for me.


I have too much energy, and I always feel like I am enclosed in some kind of box.

I love all people - thin and fat, girlishly gentle and masculinely brutal.

Don't be afraid to make bold decisions and make mistakes. They shape the personality.

We must convey to the whole world that it is not at all ashamed to be a victim of sexual violence - all the blame lies entirely with the aggressor.

There are many difficulties in life - do not be afraid of them. You are stronger.

I really want to grow old! Truth! Be exhausted, tired, but still content with your life.

I never thought that I would become a mom and a loving wife. People from dysfunctional families usually do not expect such things or perceive them as a children's fairy tale.

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