Marilyn Monroe Exhibition In Amsterdam
Marilyn Monroe Exhibition In Amsterdam

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The candid studio shots by Douglas Kirkland are an ode to the beauty and sensuality of Marilyn Monroe, the interest in which remains at its height more than half a century after his historical shooting. Back in 1961, it was made in just a few hours: 24-year-old Kirkland, who had already joined Look magazine, was sent on the first important task - to capture those who became the cult sex symbols of the era. Marilyn Monroe posed for him in Los Angeles without a shadow of embarrassment: it, as you know, was not in her rules. Who knows, maybe it was then that the beginning of his brilliant career in photojournalism was laid: in front of Kirkland was waiting for cooperation not only with Look, but also with Life magazine, shooting with Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Andy Warhol, Angelina Jolie, impressive awards in the field of photography,and the inclusion of his work in permanent collections at museums such as the National Portrait Gallery in London or the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington.


Douglas Kirkland. Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, 1961.

The second hero of the exhibition came much closer to the actress. In the portfolio of the eminent fashion photographer Milton Green, with whom Marilyn Monroe had a four-year relationship, today there are more than 5,000 photographs of the actress, many of which still remain unknown to the public. They were created several years before Kirkland's, and the story also began with the shooting for Look, which in 1953 invited Green to capture the actress. In his photographs, Marilyn appears all the same sexy and even more natural - this applies to both "official" works and photographs from the personal archive.

From January 9 to March 5, the two stars of photojournalism can be viewed in Amsterdam: the local Eduard Planting Gallery presents their exceptional shots with Marilyn, worthy of private and museum collections.

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