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British Crown Treasure: Kate Middleton
British Crown Treasure: Kate Middleton
Video: British Crown Treasure: Kate Middleton
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On her birthday, every girl looks back: for Kate Middleton, unlike many, this natural action becomes more and more pleasant every year. She first met the coming 2016 together with baby Charlotte, a large baggage of impressions and news of her third pregnancy, which complemented the already ideal picture of her life. Having everything that Kate has today and being such an important figure in British society is not easy, but she does it well. Isn't there a reason to be happy for her successes and be inspired by your own?

The most important day

Everybody really dreams of such a wedding.

The power of four

One glance at a Christmas family portrait is enough, and you already break into a smile with emotion. Are we wrong?



Almost five years have passed since the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, and the appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge is still impeccable. For many, Kate has long become a standard of beauty and style, behind which there is a lot of work.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the premiere of 007: Specter in London, October 2015. Photo: Getty Images


Kate Middleton's active social activities are admired: continuing the just cause of Princess Diana, she supports a variety of initiatives - from events of British museums to international events involving celebrities. A month ago, she and Prince William, for example, managed to raise half a billion euros by retraining as brokers for several hours: a charity day organized by ICAP attracted many British people to participate, because members of the royal family called them personally.


Kate Middleton at the Anna Freud Center. Photo: @TheBritishMonarchy

Portrait at the National Gallery

Two years ago, the first official portrait of Kate Middleton, painted by Paul Emsley, appeared to the public: despite the mixed reviews from the British, the girl really liked it. And the artistic taste of Kate, a trained art critic, and the team of the National Gallery in London can be trusted.

More children?

At one of the family dinners, Kate Middleton and Prince William announced that they were expecting their third child. Starting this week, the good news is known not only to Queen Elizabeth II and their other relatives, but to the whole world. We have only one question: a boy or a girl?

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